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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Eminem, King Green
Album:  Book of Ryan
Song:   Caterpillar
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[Intro: sample of Gil Scott-Heron]
You will not be able to stay home, brotha
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip out for beer during commercials
Because the revolution will not be televised

[King Green]
This right here for the number one
Number one shit with your number one
You ain't number one, just another one
Now e'rybody sayin that they number one

[Interlude: Royce singing]
Ring the alarm
The caterpillar keeps firing, ohhh
We in the war
Where butterflies keep dyin, ahhh

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm a product of Parker Lewis and Kubiak
If I didn't do this, where in the fuck would you be at?
See there's a difference between us, what I spit hit arenas
You a drip from my penis, I eat lions and sip hyenas
You number one when it come to slaughtered mics
I'm tryna be number one in my son and daughter life
Uhh, all you niggaz my little rapper babies
Y'all my children, y'all bit my shit and contracted rabies
Don't you grade me next to these rappers baby, that's degrading
My style got so many different facets
I switch into so many different passions, I'm skippin class to be fascinating
My pen is like Big Ben, this shit just a classic waiting
Your favorite rapper come at me, I'll just decapitate him
Out here congratulatin these has-beens who had they highs
These rappers only won they matches because they strategize
I'll bring Attica to these patterns and here's my battle cry

[Interlude: Royce singing]
Ring the alarm
The caterpillar is firing, ohhh
We in a war
Where butterflies keep dying, ahhh (hey)

[Chorus: King Green]
This right here for the number one
Number one shit with your number one
You ain't number one, just another one
Now e'rybody sayin that they number one
Kid think your number won't quit
Number one song, get your number one chick
Number one fly with your number one kick
When it's all done then your number gon' switch

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Hold up, wait a minute
Guess what I'ma never do? Show so much respect to you
That I feel like we're friends so now we no longer competitors
That could be the death of you
Never let someone who's not as smart as you, gas you up and tell you somethin you never knew
Always stay professional, you always gon' make revenue
Don't let people next to you, that don't want the best for you
It's completely normal to hold onto a regret or two
I do what I wanna do, they do what I let them do
Everything these niggaz be sayin is a fuckin lie
It's nothin I can say to you that is realer
Remember when you praisin the butterfly
Don't you ever disrespect the fuckin caterpillar


[Eminem] + (Royce Da 5'9")
You're lookin at Attila, the psychopathic killer, the caterpillar
Don't tell me when I'm supposed to rap until e-
-specially when your favorite rapper ain't even half as ill, a
savage still, the track's a banana peel, attack of the silverback gorilla
You're havin a little trouble fathomin
this is actually happenin like Anderson Silva back when he
snapped his shin in half and then had the shit hangin by a flap of skin
after he tried to plant the shit back on the mat again
Pad to pen I'm batty like eyelids when they're blinkin a lot
You copy me but you're not
You can't be butterflies, my offsprings are just moths
I see that thing I'ma squash it and rip the wings of it off
So ring the alarm, pull the extinguishers off
the walls, set the sprinklers off
Like Jada Pinkett and Queen Latifah 'til the shingles come off
the roof, we'll shout at the ceiling, Slaughterhouse in the building, middle fingers a-loft!
Say what I think when I rhyme
In ink-pen I talk and the language I speak is my mind, Kingpin and Penguin combined
Spit like it's King of the Dot, a singular thought
I think of will help you distinguish apart the frauds from the cream of the crop
(Wait a minute, hold up) Like a flashcard, damn dawg
Is that copyin or payin homage?
It's sad because dad taught you to rap as a damn toddler
My dad is your grandfather, I'll have to re-hatch on ya
Come back as a black wasp, half yellow jacket you can't swat, a
Sasquatch dancin on top of an ant
Trample it and stomp it, smash it and stand on it
Damnit I can't stop it
The rap is a vag' and I'm goin in like a tampon in this bitch, it's a manslaughter
Stampin out grasshoppers, you can't be no +Rap Gods+
In fact you're exact opposites, you make a wack song/wax on
And can't hold a candle but even Daniel-san wax/whacks off
You jack-offs, need to cum/come to grips like a handjob
... The boom bap is comin back
with an axe to mumble rap; lumberjack with a hacksaw!
Number one, but my pencils are number twos
Cause that's all I do's with 'em, poop is my pseudonym
On the john like a prostitute when I'm droppin a deuce and when I'm producin
them lyrical bowel movements these beats are like my saloons
Cause these bars always got my stools in 'em
And I don't need Metamucil to loosen 'em
Bitch, shit +Is-real+ like I pooped Jerusalem
I'm 'bout to go spin another cocoon then I'm cuttin you from your mother's womb
then I'm flushin you!