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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  The Bar Exam
Song:   Royce Is Like
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[Intro: Royce]
Well, nothin left to do but rhyme circles around niggaz
Huh, Preme? (Huh?)

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Allow me to put it in perspective, check this
Bullets in the Tec shit, spinnin and the bullet in your chest is
best shit, meddlin what else niggaz peddlin
Cause you sellin records around here is irrelevant
Allow me to tell you to bow whenever you around me
I'm proud cause God endowed me intellegent
Look up in the sky and crown me the now regal
She go, down, her knees are now eagle
Either my gun gon' bang or I'ma come harder
I run water on y'all lames, I run for ya
Y'all wanna be the kings of rap, my son's smarter
I'd rather run some game on one of Run's daughters
The Mike Vick or the Kobe Bryant with this one
I'm past the past and homie Ryan, I just run
The +Last Action Hero+ that the public awaits
took it past rappin so perhaps I can govern yo' state
I'm Akinyele, I act belly
So +Put it in Your Mouth+ while I talk on the celly pushin a black L-E
I'm Makaveli, my body's in the back of a deli
Holdin a cordless frozen with the volts in swordfish
Lyin with a couple of corpses
Biggie and Ghandi, my city's behind me, others enforce it
In the Phillipines blacken out on mics, yeah
Like I'm livin in a dream actin out a nightmare
Whatever I'm sayin's real
Shovel the bullshit y'all throw on the game is how I level the playin field
Y'all got to feel me
Momma had to make me, God got to kill me
Y'all would have to basically put me up on a cross, split my flows up
Call on the Bible and let 'em lift my soul up
Oh my, true, amen and such
The liaison between the most high and you
Uncle Paul the +Bearer+ of bad news, the era of unified armor
Beware of the suicide bomber
The way he shoots the cannon
He competin with the reaper, he will take you then vanish
Make you understand it
Shots be poppin off bilingual, 'bout to call me Jesús in Spanish
I keep calm, I keep my piece on
I'm like, Ice T, I keep a bleach blonde
I'm like, Spike Lee I keep the floor seats so it's sweet
Y'all might not like me but no need for response
My recon's ghostly, we prime
Real estate of the minds cause we signed and re-signed
They say I'm at the end of my time like Esham
My emergency brake's re-called like Nissan
Peace y'all I'm out, niggaz I'm 'bout figures
But before I leave I hope you don't doubt there's a
deep calmer that's around in me
Like I'm a drug dealer plugged into the weed farmer
Rap NATO, plus blastin, that's fatal
You do the math and you'll have mashed your last 'tato
The big empire go within fire
The boss is so high on top it's a kickstand by him
I am, Ryan the giant spit inspire
I kill the supplier then I'm peelin the hitman hirer
I flow like none, you blow like guns
You hoes is polite as the soul of a {?} none
I'm like a Glock beam, I'm usually unseen
'Til I wanna be seen, that means one thing
So I, know I, be havin fun bein a show out
I keep my guns clean with sunscreen I'm so hot
Petrified, ain't ya? Shook to death, ain't ya?
Bitch niggaz know you told you I'm a stranger
I ain't seen fear, don't even know what it feel like
I'm out of Vice City, the nigga hood in real life
Caddy-ass niggaz'll get it, I pay the cost
to put you away while I'm golfin, look, now I'm flossin
I drive the ball then yell "war"
I mean yell "fore" right before I unveil the pale horse
Cock on sight, orgy or the duel
We doin like hoes or fo's, who will we ruin?
Askin each other to answer answered questions
Then forgets that I'll do 'em again I guess
But you ain't gotta be dumb to go it
I'm too old to show that I'm too blowed but too young to blow it
Anytime it comes to showin I runs the show when it comes to flowin
I go and becomes the poet
You know I, capitalize by blackin out on a rhythm
I visualize the action and actualize the vision
I don't have to rely on ambition to get my eye on them digits
I see how I see then get right on my business
Let me see, I'm finna choose 
between losin and bein the pinnacle between eaten and eatin dinner food
to bein interviewed, and squeeze into a closet with a couple of tennis shoes
I call it bein defeated
Miniscule amounts of dough in a dual account
so your hoe can go on with you on an ounce
Sold, rounds of bottles around her mouth
There's bound to swallow countin all of them foundin fathers
You choose, gettin brains or sniffin for the coochie scent
50 G's in the chain'll glisten with the Gucci print
Basically how I move New York'll seem slow
You hood rich, how I'm livin you're pork and bean pro
I can't complain nigga I pimp the game
You went to jail nigga I went to change
Wipe off the smirk nigga we ain't the same
You came to do dirt, I came to clean
You drown from hunger, I sank from fame
You shot through windows, I paints the pane
I can't explain, nigga you ain't been trained
The same way that I have so you ain't to blame
If you ain't ashamed
You came to swing nigga I came extreme, this is my claim to fame
You claim the fame - I cop the jewel
Right 'fore you cop the jewel after I change the chains
You seem deranged, I got a thing for brains
You flee from rain nigga I reign supreme
You hang your keys up, I hang with Preme
You claimin G's up, I'm claimin king
I came to slang nigga you came to fiend
When I'm playin arenas, you came to scream
You came to bling nigga I came to shine
You came to sing nigga I came to grind
You came to bling nigga I came to shine
You came to sing nigga I came to grind