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Artist: Rittz f/ Big K.R.I.T., Yelawolf
Album:  White Jesus
Song:   Fulla Shit
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[Intro: Yelawolf]
Yeah, uh... yeah! So I guess I
just really don't know how to talk no more, man
Don't know how to tell you the truth, bitch
(Juh-uh-JEAH!) Truth is gonna hurt you
and the truth might stop me from gettin some pussy
..So I'ma lie to you
I'm fulla shit though, you know?
{Burn One, Burn One}

[Chorus: Yelawolf]
I guess I'm, I guess I'm, fulla shit
I don't know, how to, treat a bitch
My momma said, I shoulda had, brown eyes
Cause why? Because I'm, fulla shit
I'm fulla shit, I guess I'm, fulla shit
I don't know, how to, treat a bitch
My momma said, I shoulda had, brown eyes
Cause why? Because I'm, fulla shit

Bitch ask me my name, I'll lie to ya
Take it that I'm really incitin up
Me just sayin you're a dimepiece, when you're really a 5
but I still run up inside of ya
And sayin bye to ya, my girl she's so proud of the
new Prada stuff, I just bought a bunch
but can't tell it's a knockoff from a flea market
I'm a piece of garbage, huh?
But truth be told, I always was
Tell a bitch whatever, make her fall in love
Tell her that I hate her best friend, then I call her slut
But when she ain't around, I call her up
We got high, drunk a buncha alcohol and fucked
Bitch found out and her heart was crushed
Cryin to me but I told her it never meant nothin
Innocent fuckin, that was all it was
Swear on everything and to God above
that I love you and I made a mistake
Lyin to her, sayin shit like her friend
couldn't even give head and her pussy just stank
Like it's all about you girl, what I gotta do girl?
Tell me and I'll make it okay
So I bought the bitch a ring from the stall in the mall
and the bitch couldn't tell that was diamonds is fake
Shit, just the other day, I was ridin with a chick
in my Cutlass, blazin dat herb (dat herb)
We was snortin that white girl, with a liquor bottle
on the console, wait it gets worse (worse)
Some cop pulled me over, I'm not really sober
I know I'm goin to jail if they search
So I threw the cocaine in her purse
When they ask about it, I'ma say that it's hers
I'm fulla shit!


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Now when I say that I love you shawty, that really mean "Let's fuck!"
I cain't see pass yo' lipgloss, prayin you down to suck
Don't confuse me on no day, for a good guy that don't stray
for a bitch witta fat ass and mouth, how the world the devil stay?
Now don't play like you ain't down for beatin
Pussy juice is secretin all on the table you eat at
Don't get shocked shit was did, if I bust you can keep it
Grab my clothes and some food up off in yo' stove
I sneak out the do', that's why you sleepin
Sayin, "Krizzle, that's too cold," my momma said, "Sew ya oats"
I plow fields of blue pills and jump down a bitch's throat
And summa y'all like dem picket fences with the matchin shirts with the wedding bells (naw)
Ran off with the bride, interception behind the building, cum in her wedding veil
Maybe that's somewhat out of line, but WHO am I not to hit one mo' time?
'Specially only lovin you and only fuckin you, shit she was prob'ly lyin
Didn't get caught fuckin off with a nigga like me for fun, she was prob'ly tryin
Hoe know I'm fulla shit, but that ain't never stop me from pullin a bitch
I guess I'm..


I'm fulla shit, man I got more dirt than a dump truck (dump truck)
Give a bitch a middle finger, amke it up like thumbs up (thumbs up)
It's about my execution, lookin for that next-to-boo shit
Holdin myself on (on), thinkin how do I make this text confusin (text confusion)
(Yeaaaaaaaah~!) Yeah, I'm an artist!
You see a Georgia Peach and see an orange
Squeeze her dry, dry heavin starvin
Thirsty hurry, see the garden
Grow the flower, cut the pedals
Give her the bulb because I'm heavy metal
The President a-fulla shit
I pull the shit to make you think I got a vote to settle
Yelawolf is on a whole 'nother level
That motherfucker's hot, don't hold the kettle
Don't put ya finger on the trigger, baby be careful
Shoulda backfired like an armed Beretta
(Chk-BANG!!) Now you done shot ya face off
Rittz I don't really know what to say, y'all
I got so many bodies up under my belt
that I'm runnin out of room, I don't know where to lay y'all
I guess I'm a man yeah, I'm a man head, I'm a man, I'ma run 'til I'm done
I guess I get a kick when I hear a bitch say, "Hey look bitch, here Yelawolf comes!"
My ego's gettin bigger though, watchin my CD go in Best Buy
One of these girls gonna do me like Left Eye

I guess I'm, I guess I'm, fulla shit
I don't know, how to, treat a bitch
My momma said...