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Artist: Rick Ross f/ Andre 3000
Album:  God Forgives, I Don't
Song:   Sixteen
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{*whispered: "J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League"*}

[Rick Ross]
Uhh~! This is special
Extremely special

[Chorus: Andre 3000]
When sixteen ain't enough {*4x*}

[Intro: Rick Ross - over Chorus]
It's funny because it's been on my mind lately
Having a dope beat, dope idea
Sixteen bars ain't enough!
How the fuck can I squeeze my whole life into a 16 bar verse?
You know, so many different levels to livin your life
Depicting with your wordplay exactly what life means to you
Sixteen ain't enough; I know y'all gon' feel me on this one
You gotta feel me on this one, uhh~!

[Rick Ross]
It's funny how things change, funny how time fly
More than my feet travel, the more that I feel fly
More that I make now, the more that the chicks smile
She called me a local nigga, I opened a Swiss account
Eisenhower status, Etta James on the dash
Smooth as John Coltrane cruisin in the Cadillac
Uhh~! Seville - feel my life on the real
We the Last Poets so this is a world premiere
Rollin like Mick Jagger, the women just gettin badder
All I see is the money, +Cream+, Eric Clapton
And all I wanted was one, sixteen ain't enough
Talkin that fast money, fifteen every month
When your people labelled poor, that motivated me more
Everything I ever wore was once worn before
Roll with the punches now it's box office numbers
Dressed like Sammy Davis, steamin my marijuana
Double MG's, double M fees
We in every hood, nigga government cheese
Yacht to Yachtmasters, Ol' Dirty Bastard
Floor seat for the Heat, paper that I'm stackin
Better put away a penny for the rainy days
Pick and roll, give and go, fuck a fadeaway
Living like Scottie Pippen, dribble riddles for vittles
Started off with a scribble, now I'm flowin a river
She say my heart cold, I'm namin my son December
Whitney died night before the Grammys damn, what a memory
Trump Tower and I started with a ten speed (what?)
Born broke, had to use a nigga's instincts
Now I get a hundred racks for the sixteen
Waking up to turkey bacon and my thick queen
Niggaz hatin, I'm just watchin on the big screen
Three stacks on the beat and the kicks mean


[Andre 3000 - over Chorus]
You know how sometimes you got so much to say but
They on, they only give you 16 {*laughing*}
Man it's like
I mean, I got so much to say y'know
The world has said like so much to me
I just wanna give right back to 'em y'know?
But - I only get 16, that's like a cage y'know?
I-I really can't say what I wanna say
Y'know it's just a glimpse that's all
Just one uh, one little single glimpse - just a page
But I guess I'm defeatin the purpose of doin all this talkin ha?

[Verse 2: Andre 3K]
Summer eighty-eight, or was it eighty-nine?
Or was it wintertime? Aw nevermind
I'm - in my room, boomin
Drawin LL Cool J album covers with Crayolas on construction paper
I'm tryin to fuck my neighbor, I'm tryin to hook my waves up
I'm tryin to pull my grades up, to get them saddle lace ups
Before lil' Marc was Jacob, before them girls wore makeup
Before my voice would break up, before we'd tour them shake clubs
Before my momma wake up, before my crumbs would cake up
Before they tell me they love me and we'll never break up
Before the time she makes love to someone that I thought was my homeboy
But boy, was I wrong, now
I don't budge, don't want much, just a roof ,and a porch
And a Porsche, and a horse, and un-fortunately
But of course, an assortment of torches that scorches
the skin, when they enter, intruders, whose tutors
did a lousy job - how's he God if he lets Lucifer let loose on us?
That noose on us won't loosen up, but loose enough to juice us up
Make us think we do so much and do it big
Like they don't let us win, I can't pretend but I do admit,
It feel good when the hood pseudo-celebrate
Hence, why every time we dine we eat until our belly ache
Then go grab the finest wine and drink it like we know which grape
and which region it came from, as if we can name 'em
Hint hint, it ain't, um, Welch's
Hell just fell three thousand more degrees cooler
Ya'll can't measure my worth
but when you try, you'll need a ruler made by all the Greek gods
Because the odds have always been stacked against me
When back's against the, wall
I feel right at home, y'all sitting right at home
All Kelly green with envy while I'm jelly beans descending
into the palm of a child, looks up at moma and smile
with such a devilish grin, like "Where the hell have you been?"
She yelling that selling's a sin, well so is telling young men
that selling is a sin, if you don't offer new ways to win
A dolphin gon' shake his fin, regardless if he gets in
or out of water, most important thing for him is to swim
And Flipper didn't hold his nose, so why shall I hold my tongue?
I miss the days of old when one could hold his gal on his arm
And I set off these alarms, when camera's snap snap snap snap
Return fire, pa-pa-pa, pa, pa-pa, pap-pap-pap
They'll learn why, mere privacy, so essential
They won't make no laws, I break their laws til they see out our window
I take the fall to make them all treat humankind mo' gentle
Forsake them all, I hate them all, don't like' em, don't pretend to
Yeah somethin tells me, we ain't in Kansas anymore
All that shit that used to be cool ain't cool anymore
All the women we were pursuin, now they want more {uhh~!}
And they deserve it all, don't settle for what ain't yours


[Rick Ross]
Breakdown, breakdown!

[Andre 3000]
Does your momma know you see me, does she know you're freaky?
Does she ever wonder if it's 'bout ya I am speakin?
Do you ever ponder where I'm at when you get sleepy?
How the hell I'm gonna tell the youth don't be me? Yeah {*laughing*}

[Rick Ross]
I love it!

[Andre 3000]
Does your daddy think you perfect, does he know for certain?
Does he know how you act when you pull back all them curtains?
Do he think I'm Tupac cause I'm black and put them words in?
Does he know his daughter might have caught a real merman?
Yeahhhhhhhh! {*laughter*}

[Rick Ross]
It's funny because
We could short change you
But because we love you
We go that extra mile
Break it down for 'em Andre

{*Andre plays a guitar solo*}