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Artist: Rick Ross f/ Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T-Pain
Album:  Deeper Than Rap
Song:   Maybach Music 2
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[Chorus: T-Pain]
Realest shit I ever wrote, chilling in my Maybach
Whatever I send out, homey I'ma make back (back)
Can you believe it, you gotta see it
Cause I don't plan on going broke, put that on my Maybach
Cause I'm in it to win now, niggas can't take that
Listen to my Maybach music, to my Maybach music

[Kanye West]
Martin Louie the King Jr, starting all that stunting is gon' ruin you
If B.I. was alive, he'd prolly have the two-tone
With the Grey Poupon, anything 'ye poop on
Will explode, cause I am the shit and this is my commode
Uh-oh there they go, talkin 'bout how your boy clothes extra tight
I just remembered that my limelight extra bright
I hit the strip club and girls get extra hype
You hit the strip club and girls turn extra dike
We know who not getting no sex tonight
And a lap dance'll prolly be a blessing right
So all the shit you talking, dead, coffin
Like the weed, coughin, new crib, loft in
Where it's at? Austin, Where is that? Texas
What's in front? Benzes, What else? Lexus
Well who's Maybach is this? Mr. West'es

[Chorus: T-Pain]

[Rick Ross]
Kush burn like petroleum, crib needs custodians
Shades in all shades, these made irrodium
Used to be the Oldsmo hoes call it oh lo
Now I got so many horses bitches call me Polo
57 62* tell me how you wanna move
Yea you know I got them both, beat your ass black and blue
I was barely getting pretty women
now I scoop Emmy winners like kitty litter
Any winter Fendi denim like a slender nigga
looking in the mirror I can see the real contender
Selling reefer even Gregory I'm on my dinner
so what the fuck is ya telling me other than your gender
I'm a boss and I'm riding like a small vault
niggas make your wheels and ride 'til they fall off
Yea, Ross

[Chorus: T-Pain]

[Lil Wayne]
Well alright!
All black Maybach I'm sitting in the asshole
classy as a mother still gutta like a bad bowl
Benjamin Franklin on Ex how the cash room
that's right the mills do like damn close
I eat your meal too we don't feel you
and we be strapping up like the Navy Seal do
Sweet as banana split everytime I peel through
fresher than Will Smith and Uncle Phil too
Watching TV in the Maybach in traffic
I'm on my feet like *Tough Actin' Tinactin*
I'm running this shit you should try tackling
Lil Wayne in one word, immaculate
You see the Big, you see the Jay, the Tu-pack in him
The Kurt Cobain, the Andre Three Stacks
and then I'm back to doing shit like I do's in Maybach music

[Chorus: T-Pain]

**57 62 are Maymach models