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Artist: Rich The Kid f/ Gucci Mane
Album:  Rich Than Famous (Mixtape)
Song:   Trap (Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It's Gucci!
All my young niggas!
Woo! I'm rich!

[Chorus x2: Rich The Kid]
Trap [x6]
All my young niggas
Trap [x4]
Hit it with the remix, re-rock
No straight drop, my whole hood trap

[Verse 1: Rich The Kid]
My diamonds is dancing
I pull up in Phantoms
I trap out a mansion
My bitches they come cross the border
They naked no bra or no panties
I fly with a fish & I fly with a fish
And I whip and I'm breaking my wrist
My ice from the glacier
I'm sipping the Lakers
I'm rich like the mayor
Fuck a nigga's feelings, bitch I'm rich, I don't give a damn
I just fucked a nigga baby momma off of Instagram
Trapping and trapping it turned into rapping
I don't even know how it happened
The money is coming in an orderly fashion
Young nigga I'm capping and trapping
Flipping the work with' no spatula
Pull up in 'Rarri, I'm crawling tarantula
My nigga got choppers, berettas and uzis
I promise they'll damage ya
Migo gang, pull up flexin' 30 chains
Lamb no brains, got it off of cocaine


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
It's gucci ain't nothing sweeter, xanax and three corvettes hang from my neck
Hand me this remix and break this, save it from not busting checks
Gwuop bricks I'm buzzing deep, these my streets I raise yo rent
Walk at a one thot a pen drop off the pet jump shots Durant
Plus your bitch got me misconstrued with some broke dude that I ain't
From you uncle 50 thousand dank and he even pack it yet
Off the packs so quick pac hit me up then kick the shit intact
Zone 6 DEA like Iraq, they got my back and on the track
Guwop, bad, Young Gucci bad, fuck around and get wet
Go relax, go rin in your lap, pull up in a cab
I bought a half, shop did the don she soley mooling out
Rob your man, 10 thousand grand I had to feed the fam