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Artist: Rev Run
Album:  Distortion
Song:   The Way
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash {with help from liner notes}

[Rev Run]
I got a way with my lady (okay, now start singin)

I got a way with my lady and a way with the wino
Preachin like a preacher, healin people with the vinyl
Word to the spirit like I'm preachin from the bible
"And this is the way... we rock the hou.."

[Rev Run]
Now I'm preachin for the addict in the attic gettin stoned
And reachin for the stripper cause she run away from home
I'm prayin for the sister and the nigga on the phone
who said he'll pull the trigger if he never get a loan
I'm preachin for your momma and your poppa in the pew
I'm prayin for the sucker cause he lookin like you
I'm prayin for the dude who think his money is his God
Who 'bout to lose his mind cause he 'bout to lose his job!!

"And this is the way..." (I'm 'bout to lose my mind!)


[Rev Run]
Now I'm preachin for the people who ain't never gettin paid
The suckers gettin suckered who be slavin for a wage
The drug addicted brother cause he think he got it made
Who never took a drug but yet he needed to get paid
I'm prayin for the mother who just had a kid at 12
who gotta feed her baby but can barely feed herself
I'm seein for the people who just need it cause they blind
who 'bout to lose control cause they 'bout to lose their mind!!

"And this is the way..." (I'm 'bout to lose my mind!)

[Chorus] w/o "And this is the way..."

(okay, now start...)