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Artist: Rev Run
Album:  Distortion
Song:   Distortion
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash {with help from liner notes}

[Rev Run]
I got a rhyme for the users, those they call losers
Those that got bruises, those they call useless
Blown they last fuses, fooled but not foolish!

I got a rhyme for the homeless, homes that's cold hopeless
Stoned and still dopeless, broke like the brokest
High and still potent, feel like the dopest
Straight from the dirt and hurt but still focused

Oopsy-daisy, they call him lazy
Amazin crazy, slave wages pays thee
Often tossed in, coughed off exhaustion
Now here comes distortion!

Now here comes distortion {*repeat 3X*}

[Rev Run]
Girls gone wildin, and profilin
14 but seen on the Island
Out for her mans and, they got plans in
Three years left with plans for a mansion
Credit card criminal, he got a minimum
But when he's out he's paid like nine, ten of 'em
She got a kid now, he wants abortion
Now here comes distortion!


[Rev Run]