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Artist: Rev Run
Album:  Distortion
Song:   Don't Stop Y'all
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash {with help from liner notes}

(My name is...) "Run!"
(Who?) "Run!"

If you thought that was fresh, bust this

[Intro - singer]
I see you standing there, so lost and all alone
I wanna take you in my arms, and tell you that you're home
I know just what to do, gonna be a shining star
I know just how to rescue you, cause I've been where you are

[Rev Run]
Yo - now once again my friend, it's the Reverend
The first platinum status rap president
And from the coast of California to the shores of Maine
Got a East coast sound and my beats go bang
My old black crown and my sneakers own name
And I'm back y'all - with a collar and a cape
Like a superhero armed with an old school tape
And to the beat y'all, it's a banger for the clubs
You ain't never seen a Reverend that's sittin on dubs

(Rockin on your radio...)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Beats to the rhyme, the rhyme it don't stop y'all
On and on and on now let's rock y'all
Feel the music, bop to this song
From the night 'til the mornin rockin all night long

[Rev Run]
I take time with my rhyme and I climb but don't reach
Hustle 'round with Russell and grind and rock beats
And I'm back what?  Another hit for the streets
I got love for my brothers from Queens to overseas
Step into the room and then boom the horn screams
Rev rollin royal and regal, I got dreams
Just like Martin Luther the King who might teach
Rock a collar to the party afterparty go and preach