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Artist: Rev Run
Album:  Distortion
Song:   Breaktime
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash {with help from liner notes}

[Rev Run]
Break 'em 'til they broke you think I'm jokin you're wrong
Got another one smokin potent, votin my song
Not another maker breaker, put your 'pinion aside
And come up on it, listen on it, put it on and let's ride
Regal rhymin rapper I'm a sign of the times
I'll be the leader drum beater now you're changin your mind
Feet up, pull your seat up while I'm layin my line
I'm 'bout to break 'em 'til they broken
And now they broke it's BREAKTIME! ... BREAKTIME!

[Rev Run]
Pick up on my lyric when you hear it you're sold
It's the type of hype spirit that's as good as my gold
Bank it while I spank it as the story is told
And when the Lord made the Rev he must have broken the mold
I'm the type of young hype, I'm mic controllin my verse
Put your money on the Reverend cause I'm takin the purse
And now my record is respected cause it's never been made
Like a fresh of breath air, like I'm sprayin the Glade
Like a fighter I'm a writer that be kickin my rhymes
'Bout to break 'em 'til they broken
Now they broke it's BREAKTIME! ... BREAKTIME!