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Artist: Reek Da Villian f/ Busta Rhymes, Lloyd Banks
Album:  Get Awar Car Driving (S)
Song:   Get Away Car Driving
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[Intro: Reek Da Villian]
Yeah! Villian! I'm on my get away car drivin shit fuck with me!

[Verse One: Reek Da Villian]
Listen! You a bitch and you broke (Broke!) I'm a don and I'm rich (Rich)
My watch like a federal alarm to a snitch
Germs on the wrist, shinnin all sick
You can look at it and tell a lil' nigga gettin chips (Money!)
My money don't fold (Never!) That's probably why I'm cocky
Fuck a rap deal I owe it all to the papi's
Who live by Apollo that be frontin me to Rocky
Then I get the white and gold wow Jeremy Shockey (Jeremy Shockey!)
Mami kissin on my tip of my eh heh!
Got my blood rushin to my head like a handstand 
Shots come from both sides of you that's a pair blam  
Twin glocks in my hand call me Toucan Sam
All color stones, nigga Fruit Loops (Fruit Loops)
Phantom outside lookin like The Goof Troop 
Two killers right behind in the blue Coupe
That don't speak english all they know nigga shoop shoop!

[Interlude: Busta Rhymes] (Reek Da Villian)
Shorty lick my thumb so I can count this bread (BUSTA BUS!!!!)

[Verse Two: Busta Rhymes]
Bitch I'm back with more dice to roll (Uh huh!) flow water faucet
Slidin on the beat the way a bitch be slidin all up on it
They love the way I drip up, diamonds fallin off me
Bitches modelin and got 'em swallowin until they hiccup
Swag on lean (Let's go!) bitches in the telly
With a Forbes Magazine journalist up on my celly
(A heh a heh!) Bitches wild until they push me
When we step up in the spot and got them wildin with their pussy   
(KEEP IT GOIN NIGGA!!!) I'm a size 'em up and line 'em up
And wine 'em up and show 'em how I be stylin and ballin
Throwin mountains of money bitches climbin all up in 'em
Disrespectful in a Bentley truck we climbin all up on 'em
Controllin the forum, spendin money
Like I ain't even seein the buildin it was costin me a fortune (SHIT!!!)
Fuckin up the street and blowin shit out of proportion
And they must salute the kid for the second a nigga walk in

[Interlude: Reek Da Villian]
Aight now we 'bout to stop in Queens!
Blue whattup! Lloyd Banks talk to 'em huh!!!

[Verse Three: Lloyd Banks]
I made the flow up in eighty nine 
By ninety I was rhymin with crazy time, baby I'm that nigga
You favorite lady movin all shady time I stick her
We drunk, but she been diggin me way beyond liquor
Blue navy car whipper, crazy blonde stripper
A.R. fifteen bars scar you lame niggas
My conscience stay slicker, cartridge way bigger 
I got Louis V on me and my carpret greek butcher
Try to steal on me I'm a stomp the bass with ya
Sure as seats smart as a parkin space nigga
I got a heart like Tony and my rollie is Rose
My cali is kush, balley and sniff some good coles
I'm a grizzly I get busy
Got a swagger made of magnum make the bitch frisbee
So much traffic get on out I start to get dizzy  
I roll the six get the chips take the chicks with me, dig me!