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Artist: TRU
Album:  West Coast Bad Boyz II
Song:   Bad Boyz On a Mission
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[Master P talking]
Ta dow, ya heard me, ugh
We motherfuckin' West Coast bound motherfucker
It's on and bangin' down here, this the real deal
Get down, y'all better believe that
We tryin' to make a dollar out of fifteen cents
Toast to the best coast nigga
All bout that motherfuckin' green

[Hook x2: Master P]
West Coast mobbin' ta dow
From the Bay to L.A. bad boys on a mission ta dow

[Master P]
It's goin' down like Celly Cel, coppers on my coattails
Got bitches lined up from California to Oakdale
My game be like spiffin' but niggas they be like quick wit
But if you wasn't a hater nigga you'd pick up on this ghetto shit
Cause I be like gangsta about life
Niggas that stay on the Southside
I got niggas that roll true on south hide
Bout it in my motherfuckin' mind
Cause the game be wicked, spring niggas that want them chickens
But I got a four for five
Me and my lil' brother kickin' it on the corner with G's niggas
Y'all mad, haters get had
Put niggas in a body bag, y'all niggas didn't think fast
Killer, murder from the Down South to that West Coast
And believe it they got the best coast
Think I'm goin' too fast, nigga adjust to me rappin' slow
Oh it's cool, niggas know dues
I paid my motherfuckin' dues, I'm five hundred thousand strong fool
I be sendin' to the Southside to the Westside to the Eastside
To the motherfuckin' best side
Don't give a fuck I'm all about killer hoochie ride
They, niggas that murder
They slang ain't no bang
Out the palm tree, me and my nigga on the corner slangin' them things
I'm that scrilla cat, I'm on a paper chase, I'm bout that money makin'
Y'all better recognize No Limit motherfucker
We runnin' this shit from the Westside to the Hill
Motherfucker we about that motherfuckin' scrilla, scratch, paper
Nigga on that chase, tryin' to get that money
Motherfucker run up and ya get maced
Independent, black-owner TRU across my stomach
Made this shit slangin' ice cream
Motherfuckers that I made this off of drug money

[Hook x2]

[Silkk the Shocker]
Give me two guns Willie, quick to slap ya silly
While I'm smokin' my Philly, four killers behind the building
Ready to peel ya
Cap like a Coke ain't no joke when I'm never ridin' solo
Four-four out the door, front back side-to-side in a six-four
I bang like I slang, I slang like I bang
Four killers ridin' Cut, ridin' up on ya thangs
Nigga, I'm not from Louisville but I be sluggin'
Nigga I ain't Pac but I be thuggin'
I got something for all you busters who be muggin'
I creeps when I crawl, I crawls when I creep
It's gettin' kind of deep, Silkk keep the heat up on my seat
Cause most niggas lay dead in a graveyard
I steal more than baseball
West Coast hustler, Richmond, California drug lord

[Hook x2]

[Big Ed]
Bang to the boogie, boogie to the got damn bang
TRU be my click, West Coast bad boys be a G thang
Big Ed be puttin' it down, I be hangin' em'
I got more rebels down with me than Jerry Tarkanian
From Comp to Quinton picture this born to be ballin' ass nigga
I mob deep but I'm straight up West Coast representin'
I stay floss mode like dental
Watch me roll through, top down in ya residential
I swoop a honey, motel hotel
Scratches on my back cause I got more dick than Vitale
My No Limit affiliated be givin' me dap
Cause we got these hoes on our nuts like jock straps
Perhaps you've heard of this Richmond playa
Ho layer, infrared sprayer, in this game major
Hate to see that click and they be fearin' it
But hoes see me and I bring joy like a week late period
So nigga what's happenin'
Step to this crew and we bust cause it ain't about rappin'
It's Big Ed from the TRU and don't forget that
West Coast bad boys, on a miz-ack

[Hook x2]

[Master P talking]
Ta dow, ta dow, ta dow, ta dow
Ha ha, motherfuckin' West Coast bad boys, Westside
TRU, puttin' it down on this side
This dedicated to everybody from RBL
Richmond, California to the motherfuckin' Hills
To L.A. to San Diego to Frisco
Fresno, Watts to Oakland, Inglewood
Oakdale, Sacramento, Palm Beach
What's up Cube nigga, W.C. Mack 10
E-40, C Bo, motherfuckin' Spice 1
4-Tay, Too Short, Dr. Dre
Whole TRU click, JT the Bigga Figga
Master P, Lil' Rick, 2Pac
All my niggas Down South hustlin'
And all the motherfuckin' real niggas on the West Coast
The best coast, toast to the best coast
Cause it's on for the nine scrilla then some
Believe that, that nigga Eazy-E rest in peace
To all y'all other playas on the Westside
Ta dow, ta dow, ta dow, ta dow Westside
Ta dow, ta dow fuck y'all haters
Ta  dow, ta dow on every side
Ta dow, part two
Ta dow, ta dow ugh Westide
Belive that, ta dow