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Artist: Cougnut, Master P
Album:  West Coast Bad Boyz I: Anotha Level of the Game
Song:   Tell Me Something Good
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Chillin' on the dark reminiscin'
Thinkin' about my dogs on the wall that I'm missin'
Pour out some drink on the dark then I click
How could I forget my dogs died over stupid shit
I try not to think but then my brain goes snap
Vision gettin' blurry, hand reachin' for my gat
Nightmares and murder got me trippin' when I'm sleepin'
Evil thoughts of my dead dogs got my mind tweakin''
Wake up and I'm sweatin' from my head to my toes
Migraine headache, body shakin' with a bloody nose
Rush to the bathroom, grabbed some water take a taste
Look into the mirror see Johnny Hody's face
All these body visions that I'm seein' got me mad
Thinkin' about my brother gettin' zipped up in a body bag
Gotta get revenge cause if I died I know my homies would
Master P, tell me something good

[Master P]
Look, these fools better realize
That we ten thousand motherfuckin' bloody hounds deep
Always beware of the enemy
Even of those on ya block
We lose one dog, we gotta kill ten cats

Weeks and days fly by but I still cry
I still wonder why them hot dogs had to die
Like my dog in the fast lane startin' things
Maximization so P I know ya feel me man
Feel good nigga cause every dog got a day
So crack a forty and celebrate with yo HK
Cause niggas dyin' frontin' for a lil' fame
Gettin' ripped up in this bloody ass chess game
Life is different and I'm feelin' it as I get older
I play the cards, niggas dyin' on every corner
And that's a take to be bleedin' on a fuckin' table
Or even took up in a body bag with a label
So R.I.P. to my dogs in every hood
P dog, tell me something good

[Master P]
Man the game ain't even the same
But cha' got to pack the heat now
In case the guppies tryin' to swamp a nigga
Up in the swamp, know what I'm sayin'
I refuse to be turned into some motherfuckin' soap
And wipe between them niggas ass like a dog
Society ain't shit man, done turned me out to a killer
I'm not sayin' don't handle ya business
But just make sure you got a plan
Cause a dog ain't shit when he caged up fool
You feel me Cougnut

I know you wanna know why I rap like this
Ever since "Scandalous" the 'Nut been merciless
Not in my nature to express and confess
Some say I'm obsessed others say I'm straight possessed
I guess I'm kind of pumped hear me out before ya criticize
Songs I be writin' make motherfuckers realize
Time is gettin' short, listen to what I spit
Ya might learn some game that'll keep ya from gettin' ya head split
Niggas talkin' shit, the ones actin' like they bigger
Soft rappin' suckers, MC Hammer type niggas
I don't give a fuck about em' puttin' em' in check
Just like rotten inside, busters get no respect
This game is gettin' thicker by the minute if ya in it
Ya gotta stay true to the game just to win it
Other rappers come ghetto then they cross to that other level
Address folks like that, get they sucker free passes took
If dogs mashin' on that ass till ya comatose
Motherfuck a gang, Ill-Mannered Mafioso
Comin' from the Bay, Frisco side still mysterious
And when ya come to town, ask ya niggas man it's serious
Fools gettin' whipped on everyday cause I ain't havin' it
And if you get some way I'll see ya ass at the cabinet

Ha, ha, ha