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Artist: Busta Rhymes, Dirtbag & Mystikal
Album:  Violator 3: The Album
Song:   Keep Doin' It *
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* first single; send corrections to the typist

[Intro - Male voice - talking] + (Female voice) (*echo*)
(Keep doin it baby)
This is a world premiere
Uh oh, yeah, Cali talk to 'em
Bring the beat back!, c'mon

[Chorus - Male voice] + (Female voice)
(Keep doin it baby)
Yeah, Lighty we see you
(Keep doin it baby)
One-Eye, we see you too
(Keep doin it baby)
Busta, Dirtbag and ... Mystikal

[Verse 1 - Mystikal]
I'm in their motherfuckin trunk that got the rag on in the wheel
Motherfucker come up with the money in the deal
Swayed headliner, paint shinin with the grill
Your on the curb lookin motherfucker, how you feel?
See your boy plottin, talkin 'bout you got steel
That's gonna get you popped, probably get your ass killed
I see you little motherfuckers, up in it, can't chill
I hear your heart pumpin brothers don't think it can't spill
I came from Louisiana, bananas get peeled
This ain't no propaganda, my knocker that's real
Ain't promotin no violence, just encitin violence, nigga chill
And if I said not to move, then you motherfuckers be still
Chopper ain't in the driver's side, that a make your man yield
Get your motherfuckin ass out the car, yeah you know the drill
And from now on by conscious to who the fuck that you appeal
Niggaz get ya, that's how they pay they motherfuckin bills down here

[Chorus - Mystikal] + (Female voice) - w/ ad libs from Dirtbag
Keep doin it
(Keep doin it baby)
Keep doin it
(Keep doin it baby)
Keep doin it
(Keep doin it baby)
(Keep doin it baby)


[Verse 2 - Dirtbag]
Hey me and your misses sippin Crissy up in the clubs and
Oh my god! judgin between a sud, huh
I'ma gangsta, for you little slugs
Shoulders your homie shrug
When people askin "what's up"
That's when I pull up, finish what I've done
Jump in the car, flip the God and roll a blunt (yee!)
You can't see, your boy's from Miami
Ears like Sammy Sosa, bitch we're takin over
Bags underneath my eyes, I ain't sleep in days
I'm in the bushes with a K, your semi's gonna spray
Eat mangos and grapes, as your body decay
Bunny holes and yay, you had us in ninth grade
Hey what can I say, alligator suflay
Pele and Moet on the dawn of day
We went from dead broke, to makin big millas
Wife beater chinchillas, life can't get no realer, nigga

[Chorus - Busta Rhymes] + (Female voice)
(Keep doin it baby)
Mystikal, Violator, c'mon
(Keep doin it baby)
Dirtbag, Violator, c'mon
(Keep doin it baby)
Busta-Bus, Violator
Y'all must know how to make 'em
Here we go, yeah, baba bap

[Verse 3 - Busta Rhymes]
This shit ain't over motherfucker, just wait a second
God of this rap, it's only right that I end the record
"Violator" nigga, with my knife I'll cut you up
Violate "Violator" nigga, we fuck you up
Don't you ever think or even try to confront on a tread
Flipmode, Violator, known for just bustin your head
Huh, watch the way we drop it, we ready and able
In others words, your whole rap roster whack, give me your label
Whenever, whatever, whoever be thinkin they better
Test "Violator" man to merge five labels together
Flow sick, so quick and it gives me the pleasure
Got a lotta shit, flow switched like a change of the weather
Throw on my high vein cause my rhyme clean
The cop seen now you a big ride to came
Well let me hal-swing, sing along, do your thing now
Feel my sting, crown Busta-bus king now

[Chorus - Busta Rhymes] + (Female voice)
(Keep doin it baby)
I'ma keep doin it baby
(Keep doin it baby)
We gon' keep doin it baby
(Keep doin it baby)
Check it, I'ma keep doin it baby
(Keep doin it baby)

[Outro - Male voice]
Violator 3!
DJ countin the door down and the big dog pitbull
Terror Squad,
Let's go! (uh oh)
Chris Lighty, I see you man
Busta Rhymes, Mystikal, Dirtbag (c'mon)
It's a Cool & Dre epidemic
Who wanna test, c'mon
Who wanna test, Violator 3