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Artist: Aesop Rock & Del tha Funky Homosapien
Album:  Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture
Song:   Preservation
Typed by: CnoEvil@CHAMBERMUSIK.Com

[Intro: Aesop Rock]
Yeah... riff raff...
Uh, Weathermen, Hieroglyphics, what up? Ok

[Aesop Rock]
Riff raff, alley, when I boom slang, drip draft
Venom with a new twang, same swagger, new thang
Whose gang, a stagger with similar dirty worms
Who occasionally cluster up the service and observe
A.R. periscope, blast through the terror dome
Zoo wanna shark attack, clash til the thrill is gone
Bark back, fresh off the pharmacy, counter doubter pop
Blame it on the overly, eggy, farming a power crops
Dark wing when I pioneer deer, croppin' the odds
With all the proper sparkers and cogs
I bounce with a seventh sin, equipped with a foul jour moment
Waiting for that great celebrity towel throwing

[Del tha Funky Homosapien]
And you niggaz know what time it is, it's preservation
The national guard, it's me and Aesop
Rock, stopping any operations against the fence
Del is quick to dispense, with foreign elements
Back, y'all the anchor attribute to the decay
Strives who plays, map your route, cause Aesop is absolute
Del? He practice shoot, basket hoops, capture fools with lasso loops
Hip hop needs two veterans such as us, who ain't never scared
To tear it there, hard to tell, vegetarian and aware of it
Therefore, tearing can take care of it, ok, ok

[Aesop Rock]
I bang on doors, pay rent, lampin' to birth complaints
Rip flipper, make rap music during commercial breaks
Starring Galapagos Island, evolution mutant
Through the one man species, shaking leaches off his Puma's
Beach run ashore, on whores, and contaminated play
Spout try'nna out the older alligator fade away
Make us stay, please, I chisel the missile gently
Blast in the wagon, middle finger, condescends me
Green Earth bum, walk a right plank, he burst one
But yo, keep the rugged play, I'm never stumped
Aes' hid the drum, keep paint under his lung, ugly
Who can know a dog runs more than a rutty puppy

[Del tha Funky Homosapien]
You better have appreciation for this
D-E-L, I'm so hungry, man, I'm tastin' the shit
And the, girl you just replaced an abyss
And it's a bitch, just needle action, like an itch
The only reason why I like to strike it rich
Is to be able to keep the flow, that's how deep it go