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Artist: Eve, Nokio (Dru Hill)
Album:  Ruff Ryders * Ryde or Die Volume One
Song:   What Ya Want
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Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh-uhh
What y'all niggaz want huh?
Uhh uhh uhh

Rubia huh?  Papi screamin out of they mouth
Bombshell, just a second mami, wanna speak out
What I need in my life, make ya body freak out
Baby seem like the type, married niggaz sneak out
like I'm ballin y'all, yes I be appallin y'all
Boss type hold it down, wantin all of y'all
Callin y'all never chasin me down
Three weeks, heartbroken, yes you hatin me now
She speaks, soft spoken, til she datin the clown
I'm takin em down, reel em in and makin em drown
Mistake, I said gimme, bet I'm takin it now
What I need from a nigga negative in his sound
Au-dacity, even, askin me
for ass, I laugh, this bitch is fast and free
Swattin em off, when I see this nigga's a flea
Plottin of course for riches, millionaire wannabe

Chorus: Eve and Nokio

What y'all niggaz want? [what we want, wha?]
Can't touch [uh]
All y'all niggaz need [what we need in our life?]
is right here with me [uh]
Sounds y'all wanna hear [who dat? who dat?]
That's Swizz Beats [uh]
I'm the one you fear [why? huh?]
It's my time, feel me

Popular since I started my life
Eve you know my name, probably the dangerous type
Brick house stall-ion, think you tamin me right?
Not this baby Del-Philly streets they raisin her right
Keep it pretty or can make it gritty be a LADY!
Need boots pocket books and a baby 380!
But prefer to keep it, calm and cool
When I'm heated I suggest you move
Just avoid a bad situation, what you got to prove?
Leave her be, chicken squakin hatin frequently
Mad they man is obsessed and stalkin me
If he, icy enough, I'm pricin his stuff
Be nicy enough, to let him spin, I'm callin ya bluff
Puttin it down, Ruff Ryders put in they work
Snatched up the illest viscous pitbull in a skirt
(Grrrrrr) Makin em hurt, haters steady dishin up dirt
Changin the game, settin the rules, makin it work, uh


Leavin em scared, mami takin all of this here
All of this fame I'm hungry hope you cats is prepared
Niggaz, set me up and I'ma take it and run
Think it's a game?  Just check out how my format is done
Stoppin ya shine, and I do it to perfection
Made a promise everytime I touch the mic to bless em
Used to tease me how I keep is greasy just to test em
Eve handcuff niggaz but I don't arrest em
Shorty-bang hear the niggaz singin, shoutin my name
Make the thuggish niggaz scream, watchin me entertain
Dicks brick when I lick the lips, just keepin it plain 
Fantasizin bout this bitch, got em goin insane
Oooh's and ahhh's, 5'7" thick in the thighs
Every thugs dream wife, see the love in they eyes?
My time to shine, whole package make her a dime
Want some more?  It ain't over, just keep pressin rewind, uh

Chorus 2X

99, like 2000
Ruff Ryders
Dru Hill
Swizz Beats
Comin for that ass