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Artis:  Devin f/ DJ Mugg
Album:  Realest Niggaz Down South
Song:   Payin' for Pussy
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{Dude Talking}
{Hundred dollars, hundred dollars, I ain't never had a hundred dollars worth 
of pussy in my life.{Audience laughing}  Thats a whole lotta god-damn pussy 
the way I fuck thats a 25$ a stroke}

Verese 1:
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro
Tu quiero el grande???????????????
Alot of my partners they say I look like Rolo
I'm the pied pipper with the hoes, I hold my flute they follow
I call a hoe house, pick a bitch up
She don't fuck
I put the bitch out like a cigarette butt
I see bitches walking the street but I ain't got nothing for em'
They tryin' to charge a nigga for pussy so I ignore em'
I can try my luck finding a broad who is independent
And waistin' my time finding it hard to get up in it
Like the black santa clause on Christmas Eve
I wanna slide down the chimney snatch some cookies and leave
But these hoes, they be trying to make a profit
Have a nigga come out the pocket to knock it
Shit bitch fuck it I just keep going
They probally call me cheap but see I let these hoes know ....

(I don't be payin' fo' pussy
Spending money just to lay in some pussy
Payin' fo' pussy
Spending money just to lay in some pussy)


Boozing, buzzing, cruising down Cullen
All of a sudden hoes holla "You don't wanna fuck nothin'"
Shit....   Slid to the curb
Blew smoke out the window hell they knew it was erb
I say "What cha' talkin' bout"
The say "We talkin' bout you"
Well get in, lets take a spin and see what all we can do
But one of the hoes, I think the one with the smell
Ask me for fifty, Bitch you must be crazy as hell!
You need to go and get a job at the tittie bar
Maybe you can get some money where dem' niggas are
It be a bunch of my partners having fun in line
Diggin' dollars in your pussy one at a time
But uhm, I'm not giving you a C just for fucking
Give you half of my last hot hundred just for nuttin'
But let's make a deal, ya hungry lets go through the drive-thru
I get a number 2, but oh no I can't....


Verse 3:
You know I work hard for my money
Think I'm gonna spend it on your cock
Bitch you need to stop
Cause you see me flippin' in my drop
I'm  ?????? brother
Dont' spend no scrill for no thrill
Need no bitch to feed my game till I see my first mil
Then I'mma still chill
And say y'all hoes a bunch of dicks
I buy you a Big Mac and a big sack and a drank and that be it
You see there's  13 women every one man
Thats 26 lips to suck you up understand
Tell me whats my plan
To put the P back in Pimping
See I'm making moves
Clocking currency while i'm flipping
Hey you  thank I'm trippin'
No pussy tramp a catch me slippin'
Cause i'm always dipping
Vagina hoes I be ripping
Realest Niggas Down South
Us playa-made and its terrific
If you wanna breaks these bitches off 
You gotta be specific
Highly gifted
And you bet not ever get it twisted
If you thank we got some dolla's for ya' ass then bitch you missed it