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Artist: Mr. Challish
Album:  Queensbridge: The Album
Song:   Money
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The "M" is for money
The "O" is for over
You know the "N" is for yall niggas
The "E" is especially especially
Cuz "Y" is for yo ass you know that's how it is
Nightmares wakin up like damn what a dream
Just to think about the shit people do for the color green
Tryin to live in a steady pace
Who'da ever thought a presidents face could start a war in every race
Diplomat status that's were the lifes at
I seen plenty die over any when and why cuz its like that
Tryin to make it easy by rappin for dough
But that's where niggas change like hundreds after they broke
Politican wit baby chan we sat and we spoke
about how we feel guilty givin crack to the folks
First of the month don't start raw potin
Ladies boltin the mail man comin hold the door open
A dollar aint a dream
Lottery tax free or the number mans at your crib cuz you hit last week
They say I change over cream then let it be true
Its money over niggas especially you

(chorus 2x)
lock the game down is what im ready to do
its money over niggas especially you
aint no such thing as sharin you gotta get your own
I went from a prince to a king now kiss the throne

Six zeroes at the end is what im waitin to see
So until the day I croke I be playin for keeps
Now that dollars is played out we runnin the plastic
Whats in the stash, little niggas gats under the mattress
From visa to american express to mastercard
To millionaires with families who never had a job
While poor people spend days and nights prayin for minimum wage
Which is considered they whole life savings
High rollers eat expensive lunch meat
At the Roy Jones fight couple g's front seat
Social security check relax and stat
Niggas personality change when they tax come back
Its what you wish for when you blow them candles out
Christmas time moms wake you up shes handin out
Abe Lincolns, Ben Franklins, its money over niggas especially you so what you 

(chorus 2x)

A yo the things we do just to touch that paper
I heard theres a safe next door so lets rush the neighbors
With the guns out who want they cabbage peeled
A half a mil stashed in bills is glad to feel
Who ever think that same old timer asking for shit 
Would a have a couple of grands stashed in the back of a crib
Wellfare medicaid every hood excepted
Law suits, settlements just for good investments
Multi-millions spent on military combat
Compared to a player with an NBA contract
Neck rock chokers on the wives of stock brokers
Luxury car drivin but got chauffers
Havin getting drugs with this losin love for this
Even pull a gat out on your own blood for this
And I sat down and politic with plenty of crews
But its money over niggas especially you

(chorus x2)

(talking) see son ya y'all niggas don't know (nah son)
sometimes its, its money over niggas and bitches son
know what im sayin
I gotta get my money to son
Y'all niggas aint feedin me (they damn sure aint)
Know what im sayin
Either y'all niggas is with me or against me son
Ima get it one way
Money over niggas and bitches all the time son
Focus (the root of all evil)
(fades out)