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Artist: Nas, Bravehearts, Millenium Thug
Album:  Queensbridge: The Album
Song:   Kids in Da P.J.'s
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To the kids in the p.j.'s 
ghetto children i know it ain't easy
ya'll wanting millions 
sunshine turns to rain
its ghetto pain
when a one time raise 
sometimes the young is slain

To the kids in the p.j.'s black babies
brought up in this world where it's wild and crazy child of the Nile
future lifestyle looks hazey
dreams to drive a Mercedes
with a pile of ladies

Third grade singing star spangled banner
using proper manners 
learnt to handle anger animal behavior
later on my block rocking with my jocks on
eating Bon Ton chesse popcorn 
humming a KISS rock song
socks long to my knees 
summer breeze running through the leaves playing freeze tag
can I stay out please dad 
can I hang out with my little gang out
hearing shots rang out 
heard my moms call my name out
come upstairs run up stairs
take a bath shit stained underwear
wipe yourself with paper bad
little ass in my bed at 8:30 wash my plate
ate dinner up late
gazing at the wall praying basketball 
was my future for this young one 
hooping in the sun
proud to be where I come from 
later shooting guns fantasizing 
fascinated by gold rope chains
looking back at my hood days
but things aint changed


[Millenium Thug]

In my hood niggaz smoke wood 
nothing is good 
look at my eys and see what I could
living my life and feel what I felt
the hand that I was dealt 
drama that my uncle Shabazz had
I was a little lad
niggaz shooting through my Grams window shattering glass 
had the chicken pox 
on that toy horse that rocks 
my moms grabbed me down to safety
everybody in the crib was going crazy
that was in the 80's
and now im 17
money cash dreams
niggaz be slave 
I be brave spit like A.K.'s and S.K.'s
close range niggaz see brains
Millenium Thugs the name
but now it's slash cocaine
blast niggaz in vaine
satch yo' chain
cherrish the life 
 my niggaz got a fetish for ice
turn out the lights
I bust so I could spar up the night
uniting the pipes 
Queensbridge niggaz is sheist
need no price body yall dudes on spite
who knew I would of spazzed out 
little Nayshawn owner of the crack house
get my papes on 
tired of 'friderators all the steaks gone

Now picture this shit 
with six Aunts five Uncles
thugging a double apartment out
kids, cousins, and brothers
there I go in the pamper by the radiator
cursing eatin first
little nigga with a appetite that got worst
firs day of school ten man cliq
all i'm learning is how to extort shit
'cuz class i forefit
graduated on another level 
selling birds busting birds 
fuck with the herbs 
never we fuck up the herbs
make 'em pay like you
stick 'em up get down
since ten was taught to turn 'em around
rip they pockets out 
bust two the way they run
I ain't give a fuck that's how I was 
I was young


Horse was born as a brave child 
big for my size 
a bully to little guys
with chocolate miks and apple pies
the playground was mine
I stayed scarred up all the time 
from shopping carts flipping 
now we race to the finish line
hated playing cooties 'cuz that shit
wasn't fun all the honey's say i'm it 
then they little ass run
I was sweared to put a hickey on the ones
that I caught
I was a nasty little nigga I learned to hump before I walk
kept a sling shot on my side to shoot 
squirrles and cats
wanted to be Captain America with the
Shillinger hat I started getting older fell
more in love with the streets 
infactuated by the ropes and the shiny 
gold teeth I was to big to break dance
fuck spiining on my back
my role models now run numbers and sell
crack this project child blessed 
chasing ghetto success 
he needs a name for himself
to ge the same respect