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Artist: LaTocha Scott, Ray Buchanan, AZ the Visualiza
Album:  NFL Jams (1999)
Song:   Promises
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Yeah, this me
I'm outta town but I'll be home soon, baby
I promise
Whatchu mean you don't believe me?
It's hard living this life I live
Just accept it, feel me?

I'm caught in a hole, I can't climb out
Caught in the mix cuz I think she's just found out
A year later, in the league like the majors
Blowing my cell, 9-1-1 on my pager
You know the flava and how it goes down
I move in and out of town
But honey now I'm homebound
Before that spot's gone you need to slow down, right now 
For better or for worse, how that sound?

I sit and ask myself
Is it really worth it
Or are you tryin' to keep playin' with my mind
I don't know why I keep dealin' with it
Cuz boy your love is wicked
And I'm so tired of those same old lies

1 - 	You told me that you love me
	You told me that you care
	Said you'd always be my baby
	How could you be so unfair

	Promised never to leave me lonely
	Promised never to leave my side
	Boy you turned your back on me
	Your promises were nothin' but lies

I can't explain the way I feel about this love
You left me all alone
Boy where did we go wrong?
Cuz all the promises that you made
Were words just spoken
How could you leave me standing there

Repeat 1

[Ray Buchanan]
Let the truth speak
Bought you a jeep and the coup, please
Beach world, crump every Sierra with two seats
For two weeks both had beef, it grew deep
Made me loose sleep 
Forced me to creep with this new piece
Outta town for a minute now
Damn near finished now, simmer down
I know you stressed and it been a while
Daydreamin' and Daytona sun stay beamin'
Sea blue ocean beach, new waves gleamin'

Meet me at the chapel with your mamma and your poppa
Bring the whole fam' and be sure to dress propa'
Your girlfriend's are jealous, that's why they tried to stop us
Eyes wide open when they seen the rock I gotcha
Bounce to Cancun, the cottage on the mountain
Then sailed to San Juan, come drink from my fountain
For all my wrongs, I beg your pardon
How could you end this when we just startin'
(Promises were nothing but lies)

Repeat 1

That you care, babe
That you lied to me, you lied to me
Oh yeah