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Artist: Sadat X, Fat Joe, Diamond D
Album:  America is Dying Slowly
Song:   Nasty Hoes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Intro/Outro: all

Hey brown suga, you know my name
No need to front, if the thought's the same
I got one night in town don't play no games
Let's get it on no need for shame
(repeat 2X)

Verse One: Sadat X

The X is like a monument, I'm old New York
I hope you know where I'm comin from
You got to take some, and then you leave some
Good food, shoes and clothes
Stay away from the nasty hoes
Your old pops he don't like my style
He resort to callin names as long as names stay names and no games
I resist the urge to blast his old ass to flames
A long hot summer, with no contract
One-twenty blocks, breakin open that pack
Your role models, now down with the bottles
That's over near the store with the reinforced door
and the breakaway for a pitbull named Thor, hah
For real Slim, for real cause I can't stress no ass
Cause it's, one where you came from, just like the same one
That was there yesterday, today, tomorrow
Assembly car lines, line em up from behind
Sick that ass like a cactus, react to this dick, uh!
Helmet wrapped tight sees no daylight
I roll two-ply duke and that's a must
Picture me knockin off shorty here with the rawness
A year or two later got ta hear it
And ain't got long to live, and ain't got long to live

Good lovin, food and clothes
Stay away from the nasty hoes
(repeat 2X)
Just live, and let live... niggaz, live, and let live

Verse Two: Fat Joe

Welcome to the world of AIDS is what she wrote
on the mirror with the red lipstick before I woke
Who would ever think that this would happen to me
Bitch hit me off with HIV, purposely
Met her at the club, think it was the Copa
Scopin out her thighs and, sizin up her chocha
Seductive red dress, lookin Halle Barry-ious
What's your name Miss?  "Sixty-Nine"  Nice alias
Next thing you know, face up the asshole
Tongue on the clit, chick screamin "Ay Fat Joe!"
Didn't have to taste her, but the puss was callin me
Think that I should lace her "Nah it's much safer orally"
The moral to the story is the mustard's all around
So boricuas watch to see that you can catch it goin downtown
Practice safe sex never flex unprotect
I ain't really got AIDS, it's just a motherfuckin record