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Artist: Raekwon f/ Havoc
Album:  Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
Song:   Your World & My World *
Typed by: Cno Evil

* iTunes bonus track

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, yeah, let's go, nigga

[Chorus: Raekwon]
This is your world and my world, nigga, let's make a movie
Get it jumping, hit the box office hard, get it pumping
This is your world and my world, nigga, hundreds to hundreds
Let's burn, then fuck it, put our mamas up, keep 'em fronting
This is your world and my world, nigga, bust a nut
Get a cut, then gettin' paper, by laying in the cut
This is your world and my world, nigga, we flyin' fly
In the bank, nigga, you know how we get down, thanks, nigga

Arm & Hammer boxes, we love foxes, leaning in the Tropics
Blood money, boats is abnoxious
Standing in the mess hall when, nose froze
Posing like a king, I'm rocking New Balances, new silencers
Glass table'll choke, twenty four challengers
Half of my niggas is slow, but they dough island
You know the pantries is full, ranches with bulls
And wolves there, who sit around, fronting in Wu-Wear
I slam a Noodles hat, pull hair, two tokes and Ghost
In a ghost, I be back in the wrong year
Long sleeve, one cuff up, rugged gold teeth
Fronting with Colombian niggas who gave me raw meat
Due to the gangstas that died, forever ride
To the rats in the manholes, who hate, niggas live
But it's all good, you from a poor hood, I guess
Back in the Guess with the Champion hood, what?


Glass sculptures on my vultures, fifty cultures
Play the couch, posted, count your money, hide your toast in
Black tea, sucker free, ask me, clappers is free
Metal knick knacks, get slapped in your hat, B
I'm dynamic rec room potent, that'll blow you in the open
Pay a cop off, fly you your coke in
My house is worth 2.9, my Benz is worth, he want mine
Nowheres, we call that shit high heels
Dedicated heat rock sprayer, spray your mother and your lover
Better pay up, these guns is from Grenada
Wild fight, customized dice, get nice in the Trump Tower
Drunk bitch, spaghetti and sliced
Everybody features is that mean, never leave the lab
Lacking, always in the red, blacks and green
Drug slingers turn into slug singers, one of them snitch?
It's just a gut lingers, laying in the mud

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Slimeball ass, nigags, man, for real, man
Stay away, man, knowhatimsayiing?
Get that muthafucking, hater gator spray next to a nigga
We ready to zap one of ya'll niggas, with the quickness
Aiyo, Hav', man, these niggas don't know what it is, man, about hip hop, man
These niggas, man, for real, man, eat them niggas

[kung-fu sample]
I got to admit that Shaolin boxing ain't that bad!
But, now watch mine!

Ya'll niggas food, I peep that shit a long time ago
Dick rider niggas trying to front like they grimey, tho
This is my world, I just let you live in it
But the lease is up, you faggot niggas get evicted
How many times I gotta tell you cowards, mind your business
Oh, you still yapping? Time to catch 'em slipping
Doing dirty, we don't mind getting our hands dirty
And you can't fuck with any bitch because her ass dirty
Cuz when it pop off, we just up in shorty ears
And you just stuck with it, and how us niggas got you there
That little bad caramel with the long hair
Got you lined up, and caught in the crosshair
Nothing but bosses here, we enforced the fear
Always in the hood, my office there
Blow a bag with my comrades, polly my next move
And have you niggas bugging, how I wet 'em and crept through