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Artist: Puff Daddy f/ Lil' Kim, Mario Winans
Album:  Satisfy You Remix 12"
Song:   Satisfy You (Remix)
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Lil Kim:
As we procede, to give you what you need,
2000 muthafuckas, get loud muthafuckas.

Mario Winans, (Puff Daddy), [Lil Kim], {Ronald Isley}
1 -
(I'm the light when you can't see,
I'm the air when you can't breathe,
I'm that feeling when you can't leave.
It won't stop)
2 -
[I like this, yeah this is the remix]

Ohhh, anything you want I'm gonna give it to you girl,
Along aside your body, make you open up your world,
I wanna satisfy you, {Satisfy, satisfy}
I wanna satisfy you. (1) [2]
Baby tell me can we fuck all through the night (can we fuck?)
Lick your body up and down,
Make you feel alright {I can almost taste you},
I wanna satisfy you, (1) {I wanna satisfy you, wanna satisfy you}
I wanna satisfy you. [2]

Puff Daddy (Mario):
I wanna hit the four seasons, lie with you,
Roll backward, get high with you,
Let the jet fall out the sky, die with you,
Rock minx and stay fly with you, (ooohhh)
Bonny and Clyde, ghetto bride,
Push my love aside, get you right,
It ain't physical, it's spiritual,
Make a nigga feel like he went to heaven and died (heaven and died),
Gangsta love, love how we chill together,
And we reachin Brazil together, [2]
Count mills together,
Niggas front, get ill together,
Playas hate, but we still together,
A name, for me to praise,
To my dyin days, and I see the grave,
True love, me and you love, [2]
So whatchu wanna do love?

Chorus (with slight different adlibs)

Puff Daddy (Puff Daddy):
You make me feel like,
I've been locked down for years,
And ain't had none,
Strictly magnon,
Walk around the room neked (naked), and make dragon,
Gangsta sarcasm, (That's right)
Ask who's pussy is this? (Who's pussy is this?)
Multi orgasms, catchin back spasms, [woman moaning]
High off ex (ecstacy), rough sex, just so much, take that. [2]
Plus together, nothin better,
Uncomparable, can't measure, (can't measure)
What I feel for you, my treasure,
There through it all, thick and thin, take the pressure,
Come, real bitch, feel this, real love, what an affair,
My love, there to the nair (near). [2]

Chorus -

Lil Kim (Puff Daddy):
How you want me baby?
Butt naked on some rug shit?
Or thugged out on some Cryps and some Bloods shit,
It's your call, the queen do it all,
Anything you do for me, I do 10 times more,
Forget the small talk, let me sit on your face,
Rockin moves like a hoola hoop around my waist,
Pushin fantasies, can I fulfill your wish,
Bet it's me with some niggas, or me with a bitch. [2]
Whooo! Whooo! Time to get freaky, freaky,
Get my Price cd, do me babyy.
(Kim, I think you're the one for me,
Let's get married so you can have a son for me.)
Not now baby, stick your tongue in me,
Make me feel good, I might let you cum in me,
The way you call me mommy, ooh I love it, [2]
Make me wanna go public,
Tell the whole world that I'm your girl,
Take pictures with our moms on the cover of New York Times,
Grew up bad, just like his mom and dad,
A real nigga is all I want, all I ever had,
Things you do, give a bitch to choose,
Like writing out "I Love You" in hundered dollar bills,
Feed each other fruits like kiwi and mango,
Rock kangos, while we do the durango,
And when we fight, we both get bruised,
Lie to everybody, say they matchin tattoos,
My nigga got beef, ain't shit you can tell me,
I cut a nigga's throat like Shaquita from Bellarmy.
I wanna house in Africa, ??? in my back yard,
Businesses surrounded by security guards,
With a big ass club called "Kim n Him"
And a crew full of dollars I can go spend with him.

Chorus to fade.