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Artist: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Last Train to Paris
Song:   Strobe Lights
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lil Wayne]
Love is the party, my heart is such a disco ball
She's in line waitin - my guest list too long
I told her I would love her, love her as forever
Forever's just a word, I put words together
Steppin on the stars, she pause
And I know that one day this show will end - applause
The strobe lights are dancin, we've taken all the chances
She question what we are, and I'll drink to the answer
Cause my heart is out of service, my eyes turn black
I don't see love anymore I'm blind to the fact
I got my +World+ in my pocket, cause I ain't tryin to +Drop+ it
The sky is at my neck, so I turn up my collar
My world spin around her, cause it's a whirl without her

When you know, like I know (yeah)
Then the sunlight falls down (what) there she goes
Strobe lights dance with the stars
And I just can't live without her (yeah)
And she know, what she knows (heh)
And the rain is comin down
My heart is closed, I know she knows
Strobe lights dance with the stars
And I always take my time

[Chorus: Diddy]
And when the lights, fade
The lights they turn, gray
Bitch you don't love me no more
I'm at the end babe
Goin the wrong way
And I don't know where to go
I'm on a new wave
Tomorrow's too late
Bitch you don't love me more
You got me... (yeah)
Standin on the verge

[Lil Wayne]
HAH! Love create wars, I got wounds and scrs
The strobe lights are dancin, dancin with the stars
But what happened to ours? What happened because
the rain is comin down, now we trapped in the storm
And I step right out of her spotlight, and into the strobe lights
HAH! ... I don't need your light

[Dirty Money]
I know, I know, I know, that you're no good
I know, I know, I know, that you'll make me
come back for more, come back for more
Everytime I try, I can't get away
I know, I know, I know - I know the love is gone tomorrow
I know, I know, I know - and the lights they fade away
Your lies, your lies
You keep beggin me, beggin me please don't go