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Artist: Diddy f/ Dirty Money, Rick Ross
Album:  Last Train to Paris
Song:   Angels (Remix)
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[Rick Ross - Intro]
Bad Boy...
You ain't even gotta count the money
It's all up..
All aboard...
Last Train to Pa-ree..
Heh, via the ghetto
{Maybach Music!}
Uh... (uh...) UH... (UH...)

I'm a photographer's dream
Countin cream as my chain swing
Mack 11 for the things that the days bring
I'm after cheddar, dead and money, yeah I chase cream
Patent leather like I'm Puffy in my Saleen
I rock jewels like my niggaz in the A-Team
I'm outta space, can't you seem I am a al-ien?
My wrist A-list, Audemar is ageless
Bezel lit up like a billboard out in Vegas
You can't be serious baby you know I'm on...
Top 5, but can send you to the Most High
Dope boy and that's even in the bowtie
Oh boy, 'cause you know I got them close ties
(All aboard!) The last train to Paris
Wheels look like a Ferris, your jeweler should be embarrassed (hahaha!)
Rick the Ruler my mula produce the carats (whaaaa?)
Let's bow our heads, I gave you somethin to cherish

It's that Dirty Money...
Came from heaven just to sing a song for you...
To the rhythm of my love for you, and now it's beatin slow 
And you know, this the ennnnd of the road
When I sing that slow song for you...
And love was nothin but another gun for you ('nother gun for you..)
And I would hide it in my helpless soul
I'm not afraid to go down the road where we go 
I don't know, you can hear 'em callin, don't you? 
When the angels call like..

[Chorus: Diddy] (Dawn)
If you don't wanna stay you can GOOOOO-OHH...
It seems love don't live here no morrre...
The angels are flyin so loooow, singin to you 
(Don't you hear me callin you?)
He's the one you love... ('cause I hear 'em callin me...)
and he's the one you trust... ( our time is almost through)
Time is runnin out (There's nothin left to do)
when they're callin you...
When the angels call like.. (I answeeeeer)

[Rick Ross]
Uh... (uh...) UH... (UH...)
Lord forgive me I'm a sinner, oatmeal in the winter
Talkin leather interior, oak wheel in the center
My niggaz deal opium, still in the OBM
Condominiums in the center of Ethiopia (Whaaa?)
+Dirty Money+ all they seein on them Phantom plates
Seats blue jeans and it's treated like a cabaret
Five shots, now they need a roll of yellow tape
wit a glock, make a scene, I'm the F. Gary Gray
Crab cakes served chill on that Learjet
whenever Diddy call I know it's 'bout a big check
How many bags you forget to get your chick yet?
Know her sex good just by lookin at my chick neck
(All aboard!) The last train to Paris
Wheels look like a Ferris, your jeweler should be embarrassed
I took a palm and read it just like a tarot
I could detonate a bomb at the issue of any challenge

Falling....for yooooou...
I will tell the angels, "No"
Let 'em turn back into stone
I doooo... (I doo...) love yoooou... (love yoooou...) 
It's true.... (It's true...)
We ignore the angels' call!
They were warnings after all
It's cool... if I'm.... 
with you....
When the angels call like...


[Diddy - Outro (repeat 'til fade)]
When the angels call like...