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Artist: Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard f/ Notorious B.I.G. & Lord Tariq
Album:  Think Big 12"
Song:   Think Big
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[Notorious B.I.G.
Yeah, yeah 
This could be something big
Uh, this could be something big

Big Poppa throwing niggas off a cliff
Smokin a spliff
Disappear wit my bitch
in a Mitsubi Eclipse
Read my lips "I kill you"
Blood will spill you 
Did I say thank you?
I grant you three wishes 
Cause I be the genie
Niggas is ass out like fat bitches in bikini
Read between the lines see what I see
I see the diary of a sick bastard
Junior Mafia blasta
Ruggas on the hips
Bought coke to flip chicks
Bought slugs to fill clips
Flippin cokes in corner stores bodega
In the back room playin' Sega
"Street Fighter 2" I'm invitin' you 
Bring your writin crew
and they dopest rhymes
I hit up in that ass everytime
Lyrically I'm untouchable,uncrushable
Gettin' mad blunted in the six hundred
Benz ask your friends, "Who's The Illest?"
Lickin shots niggas screamin "Bigge Smalls tried to kill us!"
Chorus: Lord Tariq

You think big you get big, champagne and Moet
You can party 'til you sweat, the money's yours to get 
Cash in abundance, takin stacks in the hundreds
One thousand for gators, head stares for the traitors
I be the slang slanga 
Body boom here come the banga 
Your mother should have took you out with a FUCKEN hanga
Word up what's the mother fucken deal nigga?
Fuck All!
You can call me Johnny Real nigga
To all MCs that envy this tryin'
Never me and you take it easy like mad lion
If you mess with me 
Your family will be missin' you like we miss EMPD
But if you don't believe me you can come see me though
And your show will be over just like Arsenio
I come a call in you niggas be stallin' 
I got the unblievable like my nigga Smalls in
Realease date man I can't wait
The ass gettin' cash like a New York nigga out of state
To the ladies don't waste your time
Only sixty nine ?? 
I do with star sixty nine
Give you drama like 2pac 
So you gots to gimme glocks for fun
Puttin them "On the Run" like Kool G. Rap
Like Michael Jackson, "Off the Wall" for y'all
I make your people forget you
like R. Kelly did to Aaron Hill
[Lord Tariq]
In god we trust in hoes we lust 
In clothes in cash
And cars a must
Yo I'm the eighty six survior 
So bear witness to my ??
Only play with my team
Two hundred thousand in my dream
Bitches love this curley headed friend
Far from a ??
Draw my nigga 
and I squeeza for G's 
Quicker than a serd 
I got styles from the Bronx 
And Harlem runner up
You think big you get big 
FUCK a cut
Yo fuck beepers
Fuck hustling for sneakers
And car speakers
Give me ????
To transform his drug paper
Bustlin' money dead kid
I want Arab and Jew paper
And now I'm the sheet 
The Lord Tariq
So let the ressurected willies speak
Cause I'd rather die before my feet
My dress code explode
Paying hundreds for G's
Yo I can play a pear of Lees in rain willie supreme
The B-B-S ride the Ave. inside the African taxi can driver
While a legend check the style of a survivor
MacGuyver,you should have smuthered
Yo I got New York covered
In the story I'm the last 
And there'll never be another
Mother fucker
Outro: Lord Tariq