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Artist: Prodigy
Album:  Return of the Mac
Song:   Take it to the Top
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yea-yea, ah-huh, wooooo, Alchemist whutup my nigga?
Yea it's on niggaz, we back, know what I mean?
Do it one more time for these niggaz man
It's another one

Uh-huh, ayo
Everybody hit the floor, its fuckin' goin' down
Manny's better know the time, niggaz better hold it down
This is the big one, you only get once
Do it right, do it right now and do it to his dunn
Ha, I'll show you about power, money and respect
Whether you're a coward, broke with no strength
Ten G's outta of the bank, we gon' do it up
Ten G's off the street, 'til that make it dub
On the bub in the brown water, in the bud
Lose this; lose that, yep we feelin' good
Put the pedal to the metal, we take it to the Mac
To the tippy top wit a diddy bop like the Mac
Too heavy in my pants, take a glance, take a flick
At the man with the hundred million dollars rap, bitch
Bet I murder that, bury that, you ain't gotta worry that
My dawgs smell purrty cat, we attack, where they at?

I got a pocket full of drugs and I'm ready to roll
I got the pocket size nine and it's ready to blow
You get your choice 'fore the best shawty up in the spot
You get the grand prize when I get you back at the spot
I'ma certified best when it comes to rap
I'm the best, God bless you and all your friends
'Cause I'm on some bullshit and I'm ready to flip
A nigga try to punk me, I'ma bang on him
'Cause I'ma take it to the top

Ready, throw your hand up, niggaz better man up
Shawty back her ass up, tonight she's gettin' stabbed up
On a hush, she lust for the thrust
They love it when you kill it, I love you 'til I bust
Get a rush off the Dutch, with the ducks in the kush
That turn people crazy, your shit don't faze me
I'm maybe a 'lil loco
But that's basically natural for me to not give a fuck about you
I doubt you, had different colours leakin' out you
Like red, yellow and white, you got some stomach on your NIKES
I got blood on my G-Unit's, I had to do it
The nigga kept talkin' and talkin' I had to shoot 'em
You send 'em I dead 'em, caught 'em and bagged 'em
And take 'em to the mall, that's where they toe tag 'em
Tryin' to stop my party? Party don't stop (Nope)
We handle you that real fast...


Through the Queens, through the Brooklyn, through the Bronx
Through the Mount Vernon, through the Yonkers, through the Long Island
Through the Staten Island, through the Manhattan

Got the stage trapped, I dance when I'm real bent
(Only when I'm drunk) I'm schemin', you can't catch me sleepin'
(I see you niggaz) Nah nigga I take it to the top (What?)

[Sample: Ice T "Grand Larceny"]
"Rappin' like a Mac 10, as soon as I begin"