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Artist: Prodigy
Album:  Return of the Mac
Song:   Legends
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Respect to the ol' timers man, yea, word up
And the younglings man those to come, ya heard?

[Chorus: 2X]
Gangsters don't die we just turn to +Legends+
All we go through is hell, what the fuck is a heaven?
We live fast and store death long as possible
Get our cash and put threats in the hospital

Young P, when I was thirteen I had dreams
To do what LL did and Run DMC
Dirty ol' fuck learnin' how to aim my pee
Older niggaz in the hood use to try to thug me
'Til Pops gave me a knife, told me to handle my thangs
And if not, when I came back he would handle me
I put my first 'lil bit of fear into niggaz I was gas
Started hangin' with the others that was on the same shit
Had my first taste of gun fire early in my years
Gang fights, we was jumpin' niggaz, we was just kids
Takin' coats off victims, watches off people's wrist
Shootin' in the air, part of tryin' to aimin' for your head
And us young bloods and 'lil young gunz from back then
Grew up to be Raps most Infamous Clique
Most thugs we grew up with proud of we did it
And naturally you got others that wanna see us hit

[Chorus: 2X]

Capital P, when I was thirteen I had dreams
Now I'm all grown up and livin' out my dreams
And my Pops ain't here now that nigga deceased (RIP)
And that being said how you gon' son me?
Niggaz bodied JMJ right there Queens
Goes to show there's no respect for the ol' G's
Niggaz talkin' real tough, like I'm N E X T
Like I give a fuck about shootin' up your peeps
About gettin' hit, I'm about to show you niggaz how to bleed
Got guns in different states, you can't catch me sleep
Put bullets in your hearts, bullets all up in the meat
Its right behind your forehead bone
You plead G's when it's on and poppin'
You be beggin' I stop it
You be beggin' for your life, 'fore that head shot stop it
Rappers lovin' my spit, fans lovin' my shit
Indeed you got those that wanna see me hit

[Chorus: 2X]

Ki'ed up nigga, I see you, bitch ass niggaz
You heard? Lil' kids ass niggaz, fucked up
Tools and shit, rest of the ladies stole that
They be hittin' you with the electric shit choppin' you back nigga
You better calm down nigga; y'all broke niggaz need to give it up
Word up, this is gangs, transfusion and shit, world wide...
If I don't get ya, my thumb gon' get ya, be fucked up
Real fucked up, punks...

"Two old beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese
Pickles and onions, on a sesame seed bun the big motherfucking Mac"
*Machine Gun sound*