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Artist: Prodigy f/ Un Pacino
Album:  Return of the Mac
Song:   7th Heaven
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Intro: Prodigy]
Infamous nigga, yea-yea
C'mon man, any nigga get charged
And in this love scene, ayo, ayo, VIP, ayo

[Chorus: Prodigy 2X]
You play yourself once, you get shot twice
We gon' die three times, and the four takes life
Five of you try to jump me, and six Angels come
To take you away to +7th Heaven+

When that alcohol hit, I'm feelin' good
When that purple haze hit, I'm feelin' good
Thirty milligram, yep!, I'm feelin' good
I got so much pain, I just wanna feel good
When them drugs take effect, I start feelin' the buzz
Gimme right, gimme ready for the things to come
Sex, money and murder are the things we want
Power and longevity allow me to stunt
On the beach, they put me on the beach
Soakin' up the Sun chargin' up my batteries
When I get up it's gon' be a assault battery
Wit a Uzi, bullets peep you to asleep
No nap time nigga, my snack time nigga
I wrap niggaz up in them doggy bags nigga
You know, for the coroner, I'm strung out on gun fire nigga
Turn it up more dunn

[Chorus: Prodigy 2X]

[Un Pacino]
It go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven
No man wanna die, everybody want Heaven
Teleported, start spreadin' his wings flap to the sky
Just when P give me the word, I'ma clap 'em 'til he die
It take 25 seconds 'fore he actually die
Three screamer spent 22 askin' me "Why?"
I told 'em you crossed my vine, I tossed my nine
And walk around with twin shotties like I lost my mind
Boggie in the mouth, Ken Griffey the hands
Point 'em out I make his ass part of history fam
Yea, and I don't gotta say no more
I've been waitin' five years to bring the K on tour
When we carry the .44, he rollin' wit 50 Cent
Untold the 50 gallons rock it like 50 Cent
Yea, bussin' at the sky, fuck it I'm high
So big one hit you, your cousin'll die

[Chorus: Prodigy 2X]