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Artist: Prodigy
Album:  H.N.I.C. Pt. 2
Song:   The Life
Typed by: DaSun Akbar
(Prodigy talking)
Hey, hey, hey, hey
It's like this nigga, yeah
Aiight before I get started spark up the Laurelton
Light up the night up, now let's get it going
To the mothafucking top, I don't mothafucking stop
Till we find life out there and setup shop
Party rocking, bottles popping at Henny and Mo'
It's like 500 bitches now we're having a bowl
Got a gun, screwdriver, a knife, and a shank
Plus I break face bones with my platinum rings
It's a ghetto love story I'm in love with life
Of the rich and Infamous, Ferrari's and Ice
Lamborghini bikes, they ain't make those yet
I'm still waiting for that 700 Benz
I do it for my niggas in the dead and in the pens
Just when you think this shit's over
That's when this shit begins
This the Bronx, this Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens
That 'New York State of Mind' where you're popping 'em thangs
(Chorus) Prodigy X2
The violence don't stop
The beef don't seize
The money keep coming
The paper increases
The gun fire don't end
The people stay dying
So I'ma keep living the life
You damn right
Murda, murda, the murder
Killa, killa, the killer
From Queens goddammit
I'ma menace to the planet
Put your body on that asphalt, fucking asshole
Come to the hood and you ain't got no passport?
He couldn't get his gun out the stash fast enough
So that nigga got his ass blasted up
Keep the Hennessy coming, and we keep lighting up
Nigga I stay sedated, that's right we're not cut
From the same cloth, you're chin-chilla soft
I'm brilla-pack cost, I'll take your skin off
You *edit* --- rub me the wrong way
You're a suit and tie nigga, P hoody all day
Tattoos and jewels - Mister Cartoon
And Gabriel in the district, get all my loot
I'm addicted to looking fresh
I'm super fly, got a bad habits for hammers
I'm in love with .9s
(Chorus) Prodigy X2