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Artist: Prodigy f/ Big Noyd
Album:  H.N.I.C. Pt. 2
Song:   It's Nothing
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Big Noyd]
They could say what they say
You know I ride to the grave when it's beef
That Mobb shit, you know that hard shit for the streets
That diabetic rap, nigga ain't nothing sweet
That 'Murda Muzik' Infamous Mobb Deep
It's nothing for me to wild out, buck niggas fo'real
I run up in their spot wake 'em with the blue steel
Got a nina, that got more bodies than Katrina
Till I'm locked up, I'll pop up on your block with dem heaterz
We stomp niggas out just to break your new Timbs
which means it's nothing just to break a few limbs
The Gemstar cut a few and give 'em new chins
Ain't no telling what I'll do off that Juice & Gin
It's the rapper, the gun clapper, yeah it's him
The 41st side and we at it again
You ain't come up hard like Hav' and KB
You ain't living like Noyd and P

(Chorus) Prodigy
Nah, never it's nothing for me to cut 'em
Nothing for me to touch 'em
Nothing for me to kill
Nah, never it's nothing for me to buck 'em
Nothing for me to dunn 'em
Nothing for me to kill
Nah nigga, it's nothing for me to spot 'em
Nothing for me to shot 'em
Nothing for me to kill
Nah, never it's nothing for me to jump 'em
Nothing for me to dump 'em
It's nothing fo'real

Look, every one of you niggas now it's Mobb Deep
Ain't none one of you niggas better not touch P
Bloody sport rap, I destroy the beef
And anything else in the way it get eat
I'm the King of my jungle, they know the routine
They can't come out side, they might bump into me
And like 1200 men, we wilding again
Showtime, Voltron when we connect
We'll hurt something, murk something, keep your distance
We animals in the zoo, stay behind the fence
Play tough and get that ass fucked up quick
You a lie, you ain't never been through no live shit
Never played in the dirt, rolled in the mud
No we not the same, you ain't grow up like us
You ain't raised like Noyd, been through it like P
You ain't built like Hav' and KB

(Chorus) Prodigy

My nigga we Bloods, that tat' on our hands is Deep
Till the tombstone your beef is my beef
Till the sun burn out and ain't no more shots
We gon' fight till the ending and give it all we got
Niggas stunt on us, we gon' give him the god
We done been through too much to let a nigga just walk
Like he walked the walk, this nigga is all mouth
When them shots get the popping watch 'em hug the ground
Hiding in the cars, nigga scared straight
Stupid, like I won't shoot up the gas tank
After twelve we worst than Gremlin
We take over the bar and can't help it
Off the gasoline kerosene mix
I'll bet none of y'all ain't never seen this
Young Veteran in the war since fourteen
When I almost got my head blew off in QB

(Chorus) Prodigy X2