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Artist: Prodigy
Album:  H.N.I.C. 2
Song:   My World Is Empty Without You
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My mind and soul
Haven't like this
This love between us no more exists

(Verse 1)
This my song to the most high, who created all life on earth
Like the birds that fly, the sweet the air we breathe 
All plants and trees, the sun, and every planet in the galaxy
Yo, they feeding us bullshit with all these books 
We didn't ask to be here we got took
Enslaved, and killed, we was raped and hung
We was lied to, and forced to build America
We was robbed of our technology, and knowledge of self
The Black man, is the original man of this earth
We can live under the sun, it give us strength
The White man gets sun burn, and cancer of the skin
I got a lot of white friends, I'm not a racist
I acknowledge the most high, I'm not an atheist 
I just tell see trough the bullshit, and speak my mind 
They terrified of my words, so they censor my rhymes
Good lord I'm crying out to you, have mercy
On the slave masters souls, they did us dirty 
They don't give a fuck, about they own poor white trash 
Just imagine how they feel about my black ass
Fuck Christopher Columbus, the Indians was here first
And fuck the Vatican, the pyramids is older
Shot off the nose and lips of our statues
Mad it was black faces, that was staring 'Back at you'
We even built pyramids on Mars, they won't tell us about that
'Cause then we'd realize who we are
When I wrote 'Pearly Gates' they said I hated God 
So I wrote this song the creator the all 

My world is empty without you baby (without you) x4

(Verse 2)
This my song for the Almighty the first and the last
Your bloodline is alive and healthy 
These people don't scare us 
They call us niggers so much we wear it 
It's like a reminder don't forget it 
It's no forgiving, the evils that got the whole world possessed 
Under the spell, of the mightily green dollar bill
Got us running 'round shooting people up, beating people up 
Sticking people up, selling people drugs 
Genocide, suicide, homicide, murder
These are the things that we see being brought up
In cartoons, movies, and history books
We go outside, and it's the real gun smoke
Lil' niggas in the hood got car bomb burners, fifty-two shot banana clips
Lil' devil kids getting locked up for life, and do it on purpose 
We fearless, and numb to the pain and the hurting... Lord! 

My world is empty without you baby (without you) x4