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Artist: Prodigy f/ Havoc, Un Pacino
Album:  H.N.I.C. Pt. 2
Song:   I Want Out
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[Un Pacino]
I was just tellin Hav these youngin's is over wildin
two shootings in two days and none of it over dollas
Have my mind zoned, somewhere in a different time zone
yall can stand under building I'm tryin to buy homes
but I ponder it gradually grab me back
you can put me anywhere in the world and ill adapt (look)
I'm tired of flyin to label reps 
ike my niggas all ready to eat the table's set
I'm tired of corner standing, piffin the same exit
keep it real I want hills my ninja, change settings
I want a backyard where pookie can play
I don't care if it cost my life nigga shoot me today
remember going to the store momma told me to keep the change
I wanna jump in something new tell my momma to keep the Range
my man got shot I had to peddle him home
he couldnt take the pain and caught a heroin jones

This is it I want out
This usually part of the movie where the pistol comes out
like I said I need change
I need a whole lot of this money and little bit of fame
its like a ghetto tell tales
I'm tired of camouflagin the corner let me get the next sale
I'm really tryin to prosper of a good good rap
before I leave out the hood I take a good look back

They say, what don't kill you will kid it'll only make you stronger
and the wrong mistake is a half dead ass doing the coroner*
heavenly father I'm lookin into the heavens
my girl think I'm going crazy this nigga going 7th
these days you know the hammer under the pillow
got a mansion left from the ghetto I'm trapped in the middle
so niggas layed flat like soda without the fizzle
when it rained it poured be lucky it only drizzled
took my homie under my brella I took him in
he bit me turned around and told me thats how a snake wins
the world we livin in.. can't trust a homie far as I can shoot a nigga
leave me the shit get lonely, homie
dont speak my name if you don't know me
most important you *black* the bitches dat shits is corny
out ya rabid ass mind tryin to run up on me
don't make have to shoot you wit the 40


Yo Thunn I be right back, yea hold it down G's
while I'm gone get me songs all over the streets
thats what you call awareness, these niggas put they lil albums out
but nobody cares it's P time to shine
get dat shit the fuck outta hea I satisfy the custi's
my history at retail, is outstanding
my cd got wings cause it flys off the shelves
while I'm stuck in the bing for the next 80 days
fuck it I got years it can't get no worse than it already is
I spoke to my nigga Yayo the other day
he told me everybody bumpin H.N.I.C., part 2
and on the youtube, I'm killin'm out there, crazy views
I make a rapper run for his life and drop a gem
this nigga threw his watch so we would stop chasin him
he lucky I was on trial, I woulda stabbed him, he was saw from every angle
all them cameras. fuck it I still won, still undefeated
this nigga tryin to act like he did something, beat it
your not a gangsta its been proven
nah, you just a snitch like Frank Lucas
yous a false prophet, out in the world
while a real nigga like me trapped in a cell