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Artist: Prodigy f/ Noreaga
Album:  H.N.I.C
Song:   What U Rep
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash,

Wha, what the fuck yo?  Fuck yo?
Is it real?  Really? ..
Teach y'all niggaz how to rap yo
Show y'all niggaz how to expose a sound

Spit on these cats nigga, spit on these cats what, what?

Fuckin dickblower.. (thug like what?)
Yo (yo!)  At ease!  Back where you supposed to be
P put it back where it's supposed to be
Supposedly, niggaz comin close to me
Trash rap niggaz can't fuck with the...
... exulted, affluent life style I kick
calm shit that make your livest rep wanna harm shit
Don't be alarmed when the guns bang (why?)
It's only natural for my dunns to hurt some-thang
Cop a squat though, you might learn some-thang
We givin out back braces and arm slings
Reality rap, the only song I sing
Nuttin fugazi, strictly the real thing
Live in the flesh, my niggaz fresh out the pen
(When you see dem) When I see you dunn, new guns, money ain't a thing
(Money ain't a thing, nigga what, what?)
You could catch me in the clique, in the spot everyday
Nore guzzle the Crist', I down Chardonnay
Pardon me, 'fore you get knocked out the way
Everyday it's like a title fight take place (no doubt)
Aiyyo Nas - fuck that nigga just say? (What he say, huh?)
Aiyya Noyd, tell Manny P. to pass me the shank (shank nigga)
I think it's time to take 'em to the hood, let's play
Ese, I like it when it get that way

Chorus: Prodigy + (Noreaga)

So what you rep dunn?
(Iraq, where niggaz burst guns
 and everybody on the block pump junk
 So what you rep dunn?)
Dunn the infamous, Q.B. houses
Where niggaz stand out all night, and make thousands
What you rep?
(Iraq, where niggaz get buried
 And we fight dirty, and stay hungry
 So what you rep dunn?)
Q.B., we like to blow faces
And pop slugs in your illest nigga's rib cages

Aiyyo, yo
Stick it to you, black magic like voodoo
They can't fuck with us, cuz y'all cats straight doo-doo
(You niggaz stink like shit)
I'm from Iraq, home of the snakes
Niggaz ain't got love for the jakes; do whatever it takes
Climbin down terraces, and the fire escapes
Yo we move money, money move me
Yo I'm usually, livin it up (livin it up nigga what?)
Gettin my dick sucked
Bone a bitch in the butt, make her say what-what

Now gun talk, do you speak the same language?
For your sake, I hope so, let's rap a taste yo
My shit spit like a retard, and plus boss
I drool for the day me and you could face-off
It gets gangster, when my clique step in the room
We blow torches, and celebrate good fortune
This is for my dunns who rest in coffins
I wish y'all was, wish y'all was here


Yo what the deally P?  Iraq, can buy out Q.B.
And you know we smash the industry, negatively
So fuck a good boy, I always been a foul hood boy
Yo as a youth I had ring-worms, and all that shit
A lil' dirt ball nigga, throwin dirt at ya clique
Cause me an Aknel nigga ain't packed no bags
We rather, be in the streets, sellin yellow mesc' tabs
Cause where we from, muh'fucker yo the game don't stops
Or we was, out thuggin yo we had chicken-pox
Me Mus', Maze, Outlaw, +Final Chapter+ brigades
It definitely get real, on stage
I ain't the Madd Rapper, but I'm mad at rap niggaz
They're sellin records yo, actin like they clap niggaz
Cause me and P. get money like L.S.G.
While them cats small change like a E.S.3.
Yo I'm still the same cat, that I used to be
Often, I'm on tour with my rosaries
Coastin, always hit 'em with the thug potion
Look at you now, now you just full emotion
Prankster height, my peoples like the gangster-type
Queens niggaz like to shoot, ain't afraid to fight
While y'all niggaz wear Pampers like the cradle type
Mainly hype, thugged-out, shined with light