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Artist: Prodigy
Album:  The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP
Song:   Told Ya'll
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I've been doin this long before you
And I'll be still doin this long after you
Let's not forget, the Mobb don't play that shit
We take this more serious than just music

("I told y'all!") I'm not the best
I'm the best of all time, comin out of New York
Big po' in your mouth nigga fuck your talk
Big Don Perignon P holds the fort
I'm Top Rank, Mayweather, Golden Boy
You just a Friday Night Fight, up in B.B. Kings
Undercard-ass rappers wanna step in the ring
and get washed up, just so they can get that purse
I got the main event thirst, to headline a concert
These new niggaz come and they go, before long your
favorite rapper gettin real beside his self
Nigga made a lot of money, now he ridin self
Ooh~! That's so not cool, that might be gay
I'm disappointed at y'all fallin for the shit that he say
Thought you had better taste, I thought I raised you well
I'm amazed at the shit, that y'all claim is ill


("I told y'all!") I'm not the greatest I'm
the greatest of all time, I deserve my spot
Rappers be jumpin the gun, they get ahead of theyself
They get a taste of this lime life and lose they cool
I used to be a douchebag asshole too
Millionaire at 19, did what you try and do
I ain't gotta dress like a weirdo for star power
And I ain't build my career on rap drama
Now my physical frame attractive, I look good
And my songs is hot, no gimmicks I'm just hood
Queensbridge 'til my death box, from my sweatsocks
up to my skull cap, I'm gullier than Lennox
Yeah! Don't bring scared business, around me
My 16 hard like Rockwilder and mastered
I'm, God's avatar, box protege
I write a canon puzzle, of paradox pays
Thought you had better taste, I thought I raised you well
I'm amazed at the shit, that y'all claim is ill


("I told y'all!") I'm not the Infamous, I'm
the most Infamous there ever will be in rhyme
I, a/k/a, E.B.J.
But you can call me Big Boy Bars, for the time being cause
Ellsworth Bumpy goes hard in the paint
like I'm losin in the Finals and, it's the last game
All I hear is Freddy Mercury, singin my theme
All I'm thinkin is, celebration and victory
My life is one huge W, I feel like I'm RZA
Ready to take on the world, who want it with this nigga?
Sergeant Songs, Captain Hooks, the big boss
of reality rap, you just yappin your jaws 'bout
bodies you never caught, ki's you never bought
Tours you never did, monies you never saw
You wanna be everything I was
am, and ever will be, I understand that
You wanna be everything I am
was, and ever will be, just keep in mind that


("I told y'all!") {*3X to fade*}