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Artist: Prodigy
Album:  The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP
Song:   The One and Only
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Don P, Colonel 16's
Captain Bars, man you can call me
whatever the F you feel best
Just as long as you spell my name right on the checks
I'ma, keep doin what I do so well
Truth be told, without money I would still spill
all of my thoughts onto the beats
This is my passion, my baby, I breathe...
... eat sleep and shit soul music
Watch how my song touch you, it's spiritually moving
... You might wanna cry
He got a problem with P? He might wanna die
While I'm, so lovable and so humble
that if you cross me, then you deserve to stumble
and fall on a Rambo knife
Look homey, you obviously don't know me, I'm

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
The one and only, Infamous, notorious

I'm Bandana P, the fantastic one
Reptile, I spit acid, they kyan't done
I die harder than your average die hardheaded nigga
I don't learn 'til it's too late, and it's early nigga
I don't take orders, fold, or break under pressure
I don't take kindly to strangers or new faces
It might be the police
Maybe the D.A. brothers, come to get me
... I've got a dark sense of humor
Gotta calm down a lot, I, got a hot temper
... I'm tryin to change
But these people out here push me to engage
in all types of fuckery, jealous and they envious
Misery love company they don't really love me~!
I had to sever our ties
Sit back in my jacuzzi watchin pelicans fly
Thinkin back how we used to be on the same page
I realize now, that you nothin like me, I'm


My reign at the top don't stop, it's endless
Watch me crush so-called competition, man listen
There is no threat to my position
These niggaz is harmless, there's no comparison, to
rap's top shotter, best sellin author
in non-fiction, you better pray I go easy
and thank me for not exposin your bumba claat
I could go in on you, but I'm not
Success is the best revenge
And I'm fit to show you people how to do this here
intelligent, smooth criminal music
You never lived this life, you can't relate to it
I'm the chief of all chiefs, the Don of all dons
The boss of all bosses, the fuckin warlord
The grand wizard of bars
When I die, my tombstone'll read "He was..."