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Artist: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles
Album:  StOoDiOtYmE EP
Song:   That Preemo Shit
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Hard work, no doubt

We, wanna, hear, that, Pree-mo, shit
Boom, bap, underground, that Preemo shit
Hip-hop, hardcore, Preemo shit
He got fire for ya, with Bumpy on it
Peep, the Kolexxxion

[Bumpy Knuckles]
Yo everybody know that Preem is the beast with the beats
He designed a lot of ways for these niggaz to eat
Cause when Bumpy spit pain, over Christopher Mart's art
It fed ALL the hood niggaz runnin the streets
We lived the life, that's why I roll with the mic and gun
I'm Freddie Blassie, you fuck with me, I light you, son
Why niggaz ask me if rhymin is a part of my life?
Cause I'm livin on the line, that's a part of the life
These niggaz really don't write, like they really don't fight
But I'm still not convinced that the game is dead
Because a few lame niggaz wanna imitate skills
with they limited skills, fake can't imitate real
Fuck around, you get killed over kicks and snares
They got a well-known Preemo feel, how the crowd feel
Make some noise for the real B-boys in the building
(C'MON!) Now we teach the children (let's rock)


[Bumpy Knuckles]
+My Thoughts+ interpreted across this perm
Got me bullyin the rap game like Big Perm
I know I promised y'all AmeriKKKan Black, I didn't fall back
I'm lettin wack niggaz get some shine, I ain't all that
I'm still on track, tracks by the Preemo
Money on the table, I robbed the casino
Raw like Pesci, smooth like DeNiro
I'm poppin in the hood like the corner store hero
It's the boom (boom) bap (bap), snares crack
like a motherfucker head when I'm swingin the bat
These wack niggaz can't rap, and the reason for that
is dumb niggaz don't study, the lesson is that
the legend is back and I'ma school you fruitcakes, new face
Two-face, smiling and a goon face, money by the suitcase
and a world-wide nod
And the producer that we borrowed from the God ("Rest in peace!")