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Artist: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles
Album:  StOoDiOtYmE EP
Song:   Inspired by Fire
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Yeah... (WO-O-O-O-O-O-OOH!)
Mic check, 1-2, 1-2...GRR!!
Yo.. salute to the youth, yo this one for the youth
I wanna do one from Bumpy Knuckles
Play this one for your kids, yo (Word up, play it for your kids!)
Bumpy Knuckles in the building, inspired the mind
Let's rock, yo..

[Bumpy Knuckles]
Here's one for the youngsters, inspire the youth
Never be fake cause real heads admire the truth
Walk proud, be smart, stay away from the riff-raff
and take time to laugh, frownin bring wrinkles
You don't wanna be old like me, someday
Rhymin.. unless you flow this way
Timing, I'm bald, no gray and I still look 30-something
Turn the mic on, I'm hurtin somethin
One of the best deliveries in hip-hop ever 
I'm proud - ALWAYS, coward - NEVER
Lyrically - CLEVER, now I got an ego
I been through so much pain in my life, I should hate people
So many verses, I could open up a Bump Depot
I know the pain of not being understood 
and I speak on it, like a older brother should
Your legacy is your legacy
You could be a jailbird, busdriver, or a celebrity
The key to it all is integrity
And a sellout, is something that you don't wanna ever be
Seek God, not preachers, they're just teachers
Mistake-making creatures, judge me not because I spit heaters
Love me not because I'm rich either
    {DJ Premier cuts and scratches: "So whatchu sayin yo?"}
Keep flowin, pin a career like dunbar, one bar 
Grown man tone, no man does it alone
You should trust your ability to not trust
But you should NEVER fall victim to not trustin
Trust me, this game could disappoint you
TRUST me! My songs could reanoint you
Reappoint you, in the right direction, me and Preem's KoleXXXion
The boom-bap hip-hop, I tell you 'bout a life of PAIN
So if you go through it, you know you've been TRAINED
But the custom-model of the GAME, Bumpy Knuckles is the NAME
WORD~! Yeah, stay focused...
Be who you are (word up!)
You can't be robbed of that, you could only give that away
Salute to the youth (SALUTE!) Word up...