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Artist: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles
Album:  StOoDiOtYmE EP
Song:   Fake
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Yeah.. This one goes out..
(WO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!) all the fake niggaz
I ain't gon' never stop doin fake nigga records (NEVER!)
We gotta keep doin fake nigga records
Records about fake niggaz (Hahaha!) 
Word up! Gotta keep 'em alert, stay alert!
Word up, it's Bump

[Bumpy Knuckles]
I feel arrogant, doin this record f'real, no joke
Cause y'all know I'm gon' body it so dope
I came through the game and built me an intake
But trust me, I put out mad times for friend fakes
Fake friends, y'all get it, you should understand
Your enemy could shake ya hand, and you'll never know it
Unless you're Bumpy Knuckles, the clever poet
         {DJ Premier cuts and scratches: "Are you READY??"}
Keep flowin, yo! Niggaz right now sayin, "Is he talkin 'bout me?"
Those are the niggaz that are foul
My real niggaz understand my style, so they sittin back laughin like, 
"That nigga Bumpy wild! Heh-heh, WILD!"
Niggaz all talkin like they the best, the best what?
You're no writer, I come holdin one like the old tiger
         {DJ Premier cuts and scratches: "And ya don't stop"}
Feel me, I told Preemo I was doper than the rest of 'em
They all know I am, I vocaled with the best of them
Bumpy rhyme dope, but no one would invest in him
Cause he came to meetings with a gun, and a vest with him
No tough talkin from these clowns, they don't mess with 'em
Bump'll send his head through the wall, send his chest with 'em
Labels rejected him, fans they requested him
Rappers to the stage, if they live, I'm RESTIN 'em
         {DJ Premier cuts and scratches: "How you like me now?"}
Y'all know them niggaz that'll smile in your face and show love
But the hug feel funny, heh, wassup money?
You really only come around when I'm spendin money
When I was fucked up, you was actin funny - wassup money?!
You know them niggaz who think you don't know 'em
But they praise you in your face, behind your back knife throwin
Pillow talkin, I'm pimpin, she hoein
You stupid on Cupid, talkin like a sucker to a dick sucker
who always come back and tell on you dumb motherfuckers, y'all suckas
Butt lickers - yes, she told me that too!
Ya gangsta's like make-up, removable
Like a clown in the circus, you've been played again
Like a clown in the circus, had to say it again

Hey... my nigga! (Word up!)
You so fuckin fake, hey my nigga!
YO! You fake! (What's good!)
You so fuckin fake, hey my nigga! (Yeah!)
You fake! (You know it!)
You so fuckin fake, hey my nigga! (Hahaha!)
I know it! Yo, niggaz is faaaaaake! (WOOO~!)

[Bumpy Knuckles]
I turn the mic on and rock when I'm pissed off
A rhymebook, cause my Blackberry chip soft
Plus I'm a writer, not a typer like a secretary
Super-cyber nigga, that's unnecessary
It's kinda scary how the game changed, ain't it?
Black with his face painted, my moms fainted like,
"Lawd, these chirrens done lost they minds
 But I'm glad I ain't lost all mine
 My oldest daughter workin all the time
 Fred is still makin them rhymes
 Prayin for me, fightin off the deva'"
Cause of moms, I'm a whole 'nother level
with a mic, I'm a rebel, treble, bass, in your face
(Word up) Bass, in your face
(Ha..) Bass, in your face
Premier, Premier, word up..