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Artist: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles 
Album:  Kolexxxion
Song:   Weare at War
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[Intro: Bumpy Knuckles]
You know it's always crazy to me to see how, much monetary value
You know underground hip hop has lost, in the last ten, to, fifteen years
You know, when the fans, you know, wanna get or take your music for free
And feel like you know I got it already why should I buy it?
You know, that, that's, that's detrimental to the artist number one 
But more so to the culture, it's, it's detrimental to the culture because...
You know when somethin ain't worth nothin, who feels they wanna pay for it
You know what I'm sayin?'s hurtful
Not just to the artist, but to the culture
You know, that's, that's a war, we're fightin a war
And the war's against ourselves....crazy

[DJ Premier Scratchin sample from "Pump The Music Pump The Sound" by Public Enemy] (Bumpy Knuckles)
We-We-W-W-W-We-We-W-W-W-We are at war!-"Sister Souljah"
We-We-W-W-W-We-We-We-W-W-W-W-We are at war!-"Sister Souljah" (Bumpy Knuckles baby!)
We-We-We-are-are-are-a-a-a-a-a-are-are-are at war!-"Sister Souljah" (HA HA HA HA HA!)
We-We-W-W-W-W-W-We-We-W-W-W-W-We are at war!-"Sister Souljah"

[Verse One: Bumpy Knuckles]
I spit the g style verse, in my prime
I'm still primin, gangsta, with my rhymes
While y'all niggas act twenty one
I stand firm as a O.G. plenty guns
And more smarts throw darts, I'm built on bumps and bruises
Bump loses is what y'all losers news is
But I got a different forecast you bastards
I'm well trained of keepin it blasted
Got knowledge from Muhammed, more, pure for sure
And shorty dump pumpin shells, threw your door
Hands up like the party is rockin we in your pocket
'Cause of all this free shit it's time to stop it
I used to beat a bootlegger to death
Now I got to send a legal letter, I think the fans ought to treat me better
These rap niggas say, Bump ain't a top five
Well fuck you your top five and their slut wives

[DJ Premier Scratchin sample from "Pump The Music Pump The Sound" by Public Enemy] (Bumpy Knuckles)
W-W-We-are-are-are-are-at-at-a-a-a-a-at-at-war!-"Sister Souljah"
W-W-W-We-We-are at-are at-are-a-a-are-at-war!-"Sister Souljah" (Yeah!!)
W-W-W-W-W-W-We-We-We-We-W-W-W-We-We are at war!-"Sister Souljah" (Word up!)
W-W-We-W-W-We-W-W-We-are-are-are-a-a-at-w-war!-"Sister Souljah" (Word up! Keep rockin!)

[Verse Two: Bumpy Knuckles]
I'm at warwith the foulness that looks through browsers
These IP killers I wanna crack their snousers 
Log on! Now everybody wanna be philisophic
Well let me fill you with a realer topic
Everybody love hip hop, or sayin they do
So I make it, with Premo and play it for you
And while your sittin their eyes closed lovin the feelin
Your man on the laptop stealin
That's like a kick in the groin piece, the fan thief
The soundbyte, somethin just don't sound right
So now you makin excuses like I'm a fan
And I deserve to pick fruit from the tree
Yeah! Well y'all keep pickin, I keep fightin
You keep stealin, I keep writin
And real niggas do real shit, in hip hop
Like sayin what the fuck it really is, and not bitin

[DJ Premier Scratchin sample from "Pump The Music Pump The Sound" by Public Enemy] (Bumpy Knuckles)
W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-We are at war!-"Sister Souljah" (Rock on!)
W-We are-are-are at-are at-are at-are at-are at-w-war!-"Sister Souljah" (Y'all know what it is!!)
W-W-We-a-a-are at-W-W-W-We are at war!-"Sister Souljah" 
W-W-W-We-We are-are-are-are-are-are-W-W-We are at war!-"Sister Souljah"