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Artist: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles 
Album:  Kolexxxion
Song:   The Key
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[Intro: Bumpy Knuckles]
Whattup? GRRRR!!!  GRRRR!!! 
YEAH! HA HA HA HA HA! Awww man!
Put it in!

[Verse One: Bumpy Knuckles]
Bumpy Knuckles is the key
To a part of a motherfucker that helped him figure out who he be
F-O-X times three
The first two in trainin, the third has a famous mc
Labels don't sign me
Unless you willin to restructure yo' shit and put the bucks behind me
I'm a nationwide G
Goons in countries that I can't pronounce but they beside me
Bumpin hot beats
Car doors jumpin, they Kenwood's pumpin
Under my seat
Two big butt bitches that'll bring ya that kick it back in the bag
Under my seat
Stamp the bag boom bap, hit the DJ's and move that
Underground heat......YEAH!....Keep rockin
While the mainstream demises and underground rises
The truth shows up, in all shapes and sizes
I'm not political but understand politics
So I go to the street with all that gutter wally shit
Niggas ain't really your man's and 'em
Especially when you feel like you gotta put hands on 'em 
So I keep my gun around peeps
That really ain't peeps.....ROCK ON!
LISTEN! It's not my job to fix hip hop
I didn't fuck it up! I put flavor in it suck it up!
Awards goin on and niggas standin 'round takin swagger shots
Claimin hip hop and havin knots
As it appears I appear, hear me bangin
Got the hammer in your ear, pinky ringin
Music don't leak (WORD UP!) 
Unless you got a whole in your team (SOLAAR TYPE SHIT!)
We call 'em studio creeps (YEAH!)
Yes! Beats by the Perminator, vocals by the Terminator
Salute to haters and all the attention that give a nigga
Bloggers thank you for makin me a bigger nigga
'Cause I gotta eat, turn the mic on and put a plate on the stage and watch me engage
In a year round feast
DJ Premier is the chef, Bumpy Knuckles is the waiter data...
Gets stored through the drive through the mic via sata
Serve cold and heard hot    
Made a-nother banger with Premier, 'nother notch in my career
From haters the downplayin the sound sake
Grinders don't sleep, late night session with a spirit
That's tellin me they can't wait to hear it
I know you see these foul cats doin foul shit
So I confirm it continue to spit the wild shit
Underground beef, get clapped into patties 
Then fried and served with fries
Like a ton of ground beef, legacy of famous mc's
Minimized, to a blue check varified
Why?! Beef between radio stations, slowed down music production
People don't have patience, so they movin on
And they playin imitations
Make since 'cause real niggas beefin over fake shit
It's some fake shit, backstage is a make shift
Prison cell niggas can't survive the game
At the rate we goin, that's why they hate me flowin
I exposed these niggas for stabbin, hip hop in the back