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Artist: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles 
Album:  Kolexxxion
Song:   Greatness
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[Intro: Bumpy Knuckles]
Word! It's that Premo, the greatness
Next level Premier shit right here this is legend
Next level Premo niggas ain't even up on this

[Verse One: Bumpy Knuckles]
Yo! This bitch ass niggas said I stepped my game up
I said y'all just start listenin
'Caiuse I've been spittin niggas a path to walk, real talk
The microphone's on I'm rippin it
So what it B to the U, M-P-Y 
It's no beef with y'all niggas, when y'all die
Six foot one inch, thirteen size
With a gap in my teeth, and chinese eyes
Tell your mama stop flirtin boy I'm not a good step pop
I interrupt your little session, and wreck shop
New legends no time in the game
And the label done bought you a hit like a dope fiend
Shit! This is what it is over dope, Preme, spit
GRRRRR!!! With them second grade rhymes, Cat In The Hat
Bring it on stage and get cracked with a bat

[Chorus: DJ Premier Scratchin] (Bumpy Knuckles)
B-B-B-Bow-Bow in the presence of greatness
B-Bow-Bow-B-Bow-Bow (HA HA HA!!!)
B-B-B-Bow-Bow in the presence of greatness-greatness
(Grteatness! Bumpy Knuckles! Rockin!)

[Verse Two: Bumpy Knuckles]
I came to claim my stake, peep the game
And found a whole lot of niggas who laid back
I lent my voice to the game, it kept you relevant
Now it's time for Bump Knucks to get payback
It's always a little man (Word!) That wanna represent the big man
With the big mouth, who rhyme like he from the south
But he been in New York all his life
And he might pop his gun if you gas him
So I'll ask him really my nigga? G's so serious
I come with Five to Flash, like Furious
Cold chip power, I devour 
In minutes like miles per hour 
Hardcore I can seperate it, that nigga QD3
Better never do another documentary on hip hop
And don't call me, FUCK THAT!
I'm rap longevity I might not stop 'til I'm seventy
Over Premo heavenly, I'm greatness you'll never be

[Outro: Bumpy Knuckles] (DJ Premier Scratchin) (*Bumpy Knuckles adlibs)
Bump Knucks! Rock on! To the beat! (B-B-B-Bow-Bow Bow-Bow-Bow Bow-Bow)
(B-B-B-Bow-Bow in the presence of greatness) Shoutout to all my niggas in the game!
That know the rules (G-G-G-Greatness) That follow the rules (G-G-G-Greatness) Word up!
You wanna know what the rules are? (G-G-G-Greatness) What's the rules? (G-G-G-G-Greatness)
Stay grounded, expand the game, breathe life into the culture...word, word up!
Some of you niggas is actin real boujie man (Real boujie my nigga!)
Check yourself (*Real quick!) Word! 
To the beat beat beat and don't stop! (*Stop!)
Bumpy Knucks! Rockin on!
A to the beat! And you don't stop!
Premo! Rock rockin on! 
Yo! Premier (*Ha Ha!) Salute! Greatness! I'm out!