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Artist: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles 
Album:  Kolexxxion
Song:   Evreebodee
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[Intro: Bumpy Knuckes]
Ha! Yeah! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha!
Let's ride! Ha!

[Chorus: Bumpy Knuckles]
Everybody wanna be sexy! Everybody wanna be rich!
Everybody wanna be gangsta! But deep down your really a bitch! (Word up!)
Everybody wanna be kingpin! Sit down and watch a real king, pen
Hip Hop bars that sit behind the beat
While y'all wack niggas can't even find the beat

[Verse One: Bumpy Knuckles] (*DJ Premier Scratchin)
Ha! Premo did it
Passed it to Bump so he could fuck with it
I keep a hammer on me still like I'm John Henry
I don't wanna meet your friends 'cause I'm non friendly
Huh! And bitches love my attitude
I show long black gratitude
I keep a fat knot of hundreds tucked in my booth
And I'll slap jack a nigga tryin to take take my loot
O.G. know me (Uh Huh!) On stage
Rockin with Premier that's what people wanna see
So that's what people gonna see (*To the-To the-T-T-To the beat y'all-"Flavor Flav")
Come on!

[Chorus: Bumpy Knuckles]
Everybody wanna be angry! (Why you mad?)
Where was y'all at when Bumpy was angry?! (The shutdown!)
Everybody wanna be a DJ! 'Lot of y'all suck at bein DJ's!
(Word!) Everybody wanna be rappers! Bars be corny as shit!
Alot of y'all sideline clappers! Know y'all bein phony and shit!

[Verse Two: Bumpy Knuckles]
My voice so nice over Premo style, pen shit through kicks and snares
Bumpy 'bout to get another run in the rap game like, me and DMC done paired
I still like rippin mics, 'cause that's what MC'S do, Preme on the one and two
I'm one of few, that could stand before boom bap greatness and body shit like I do!

[Outro: DJ Premier Scratchin] (Bumpy Knuckles) 
E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-EVERYBODY! (Everybody)
E-E-E-E-E-E-EVERYBODY! (Everybody! Everybody!)
E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-EVERY-BODY! (Everybody)
E-E-E-E-E-E-EVERYBODY! (Everybody! Everybody!)