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Artist: PRhyme f/ Logic
Album:  Southpaw soundtrack
Song:   Mode
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[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, fall in line or +Fall Back+, Big L's technique, Pun's grammar
Before the roof went in the trunk
The ragtop sat back behind the head just like the gun hammer
My sickness should remind you of Christmas
Cause I'm always comin down with somethin like a young Santa
Understand there'll, be no rematch
The kinda ass whoopin you'll only have to open up one can of
(Nickel-Nine the God) Huh?
You ain't rollin forward, you rollin wrong
Reachin out to gangstas to be gangstas, you holdin on
I grab a hold of this fo'-fo' long
then +Let it Go+ more than a 4-year old singin the "Frozen" song
I put this TEC to your eclectic temple and wreck your wit
Then carve in your tombstone "Heavenly Father
He wasn't ready to collide with a force to be reckoned with"
Do you boys know who you messin with?
I'm with messin with niggaz destiny, shit I'm from the Midwest
I stopped drinkin so I can start policin the block
Now I just cop smoke like pig breath
'Pac's soul'll come out if I died a +Big+ death
Shoe connoisseur; who's finer, your
bitch or my bitch? It don't matter cause you with my ex
The name of my ex inked on you
To me homie she extinct like a dinosaur
You could probably find me spoonin with a dime lookin like, Lucy Liu
or somethin to my broom, lookin like a huge China drawer
I'm a motherfuckin walkin hazard, find me in the bodying department
When y'all rhymin if y'all don't release
Remind me of Prodigy partner, y'all can +Hav'+ it, I man up
Lifted the can up, killed the killer who ran up scared
When I was 8, my daddy yelled down the basement steps
"You only gotta listen to me and the man upstairs!"

[Interlude: Royce Da 5'9"] {w/ DJ Premier scratches}
Uhh, cause I'm in motherfuckin beast mode
Beast mode, homie I'm in beast mode
{"Know who I am"} Beast mode

Yeah, yeah, uhh
Fuck a black, brown, yellow or white, it's about unity
While the media try to twist my words for the opportunity to ruin me
Fuck 'em all, bitch I'm still doin me
It's you and me on the record
I'll detect it like an infected nervous system, I never miss 'em
Murder my mission, that's the rendition, I listen while my chain glisten
I'ma get it like the world is endin, dependin on if it's intended
Defendin my mind in the way I rhyme so I'm sendin in
the best of the best, no never the less, I never digress, I just keep it movin
Finger fuck who ain't on improvin
We finally groovin, on the way no way to remove 'em
We constantly improvin - yeah through rejuvenation
I said juveniles run the nation, come now fuck yo' occupation
A revelation I'm facin, more secretive than a mason
It look like we neck and neck but I'm far from adjacent
I come so far from that basement
They look at me and know I'm in beast mode

[Interlude: Logic] {w/ DJ Premier scratches}
{"Then it's game time"} Beast mode
{"I'm, I'm, I'm a beast"} I'm in beast mode
{"Know, know who I am"} Beast mode
{"I'm-I'm-I'm, I'm in the zone for realer"}

[Outro: Royce Da 5'9"] {w/ DJ Premier scratches}
{"Then it's game time"} Uhhhh BEAST mode!
{"I'm a beast"} Beast mode
{"Know who I am"} B-beast mode!
{"5, 5'9"}
{"5, 5'9"}
{"5, 5'9"}
{"5, 9, 5'9"}
{"5, 5'9"}
{"5, 5, 5'9"}
{"5, 9"} Uhhhh BEAST mode!