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Artist: PRhyme f/ Chavis Chandler
Album:  PRhyme 2
Song:   Everyday Struggle
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[Intro: DJ Premier scratching]
"Struggle, struggle, struggle, struggle to survive"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I had nightmares of Joe Budden arguin with Lil' Yachty
Division between artists, party until we sorry that we parting
That young man the same age my son is
He just on fire right now, same way that my gun is
They say this a profession, do amateurs get rejected?
When Shady made his hit record, could Canibus accept it?
Nah, time just repeatin itself, '9-7 just was reckless
Now it's just bigger checks and now it's niggaz with dresses
Those who got problems with flows, they can pull up on us
I told Preem we gotta give those "What in the Fuck" moments
This hip-hop, all of the purists be too opinionated
You like it you dick-ridin, not a fan of it then you hatin
You gettin interviewed by Vlad, you either tellin a story that's incriminatin
Or Lord Jamar (what) discriminatin
But white privilege do exist, I agree though
Labels used to tell you what's popular, now it's VEVO
All they argue 'bout now is who is the hottest Migo
'Pac and Biggie wasn't just artists, they were our heroes
As far as years I've been out here movin for 10-plus
Cause I'm about the youth movin, not about "Them against us"

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"]
Instead of wantin to change everything about me
How come you can't just be the change that you wanna see?
You can question whatever you want but never my hustle
Or my everyday struggle, my everyday struggle
Everybody that's complainin about it not an O.G.
If you ain't droppin jewels or givin knowledge to me
How can I even respect you? Better yet, how can I trust you?
That's my everyday struggle, my everyday struggle

[DJ Premier scratching]

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Bitches and alcohol, that's my everyday struggle
Gettin rid of packs of raw, that's my everyday struggle

[Chavis Chandler]
Fresh out the frying pan right into the hands of rebellion
Both my parents in jail and I got grams I could sell ya
When I was in boarding school, I was bored as hell
But I learned that the key of life for me was to, unlock the door to Hell
My skateboard trail leads to dishonest livin
Designer shit, I'm just tryna get it, just tryna fit in
Uhh, I'm just tryna get it, just tryna fit in