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Artist: PRhyme f/ Dave East
Album:  PRhyme 2
Song:   Era
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[Intro: DJ Premier scratches]
"How can you do this when you're spankin brand new to this?"
"I'm the leader, I'm the leader of this game
 Old school or new, old school or new"

[Dave East]
Uhh, my predecessors never heavy lectured (never)
Daily messaged through the text, vexed, totin extra (tote)
Pedal bike sales, baggin, pumpin, just tryna stretch it (stretch)
+Snipe+ your bitch, no Wesley, double cup full of Texas (po' up)
Back room, project building with eight niggaz talkin
BAPE shop in Japan, had a dream J Dilla called me (uhh)
I paid attention to the Fugees and I +Killed 'Em Softly+
All white, feelin Godly, I'm cloud-steppin, don't bother (uhh)
I take offense to disrespect over who lyrical
Triple threat, every move I'm makin, all pivotal (every move)
Far from Biblical, I want threesomes, I need a chick or two
Polar bear stretched out in my livin room - he from Alaska (uhh)
No more masters, had me spittin with the Kiss voice (ha-ha!)
Raspy but I'm classy, knockin André and Big Boi (yeah)
+OutKast+ of my generation, I ain't never fit in (never)
Now I'm blowin sour in clubs I could never get in (light up)
In Tokyo reminiscin on my cousin that overdosed
Seen a fiend so high thought he had caught the Holy Ghost (ahh!)
Catch a body in Harlem, lay low out in the Poconos (yeah)
Watchin "Scarface", wanted to be Alejandro Sosa though (baow!)

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"] {w/ DJ Premier scratches}
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the wrong fuckin era
{"Microphone check one-two"}
Like I'm a hostage cause I'm in the wrong goddamn era
{"Microphone check one-two"}
You supposed to be the future, of the WORLD!
You supposed to be the future, of the WORLD!

{"Micro-phone ch-check, one-two"}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Uh, I drag individuals, braggin on residuals
Divide jiggaboos while they flag is indivisible
My state is digital - how these rappers the hottest?
How you rappers the coldest? My fireplace is the ig-loo
Ooh, what you say is the truth then I salute ya
De La Soul, I'll pop the Ruger and Posdnous/pops-da-new some
The extra extensive extent we've gone
to send you in witness protection, exit with this throne
I could hit you niggaz ex, or I could get you niggaz X
Or I could get you niggaz XXXTENTACION
Bitch, we not the same thing, me? I come from +A Different World+
I'll flip you out yo' frame like Dwayne Wayne, then hit your girl
Run up bare-faced broad day, the fuck I'ma wrestle for?
Leave yo' ass on Heaven's staircase touched at the chapel door
Fuck you, your National Anthem, that shit don't concern me
Cause it's yo' country, I'm smokin Montecristo
discussin bitcoin and cryptocurrency
That's probably why white people stay connected
My people stay corrected, white people stay protected
from the same dangers in life that my people stay subjected
The USA got a race obsession
Hatred; I hope you know that's why I race my possessions
I treat my Porsche like Oprah and my Wraith like Stedman


[Outro: Royce Da 5'9"]