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Artist: PRhyme
Album:  PRhyme 2
Song:   Black History
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[Royce Da 5'9"]
Soon as I was born I knew I was due to do some damage
Came out the womb, doctors passed me around the room and panicked
Fo' pound, dark purple, couldn't even breathe on my own
Shakin baby in an incubator, breathin machine for my lungs
Doctor told my mom and pops they gon' have to keep me for a couple months
Poppa regrettin doin coke, momma probably those couple blunts
Little did they know there's nothin to be ashamed of as long as we
keep the unconditional love between us, I feel like the Mona Lisa
Hospital found out my pops had a lapse in his insurance
I learned just how people are quick to turn, the doctor came back and said "We gon' release him"
That's the same thing in my first deal the label head said
Same as the judge after 365 days in jail cells
You probably think my moms and pops ain't raise me well, wait, please
I was hard-headed, the only person who could get through to me was maybe JAY-Z
They tried to give my autistic son medicine for ADHD
Same kid who could look at a piano, and memorize all 88 keys
I learned everything I need to know at day one in the hospital, they gonna doubt you nigga
And you can't even pay no one, to care about you nigga

{*beat changes*}

[Interlude: DJ Premier]
As we proceed, to give you what you need
Y'all know what it is
We'd like to welcome you to another round of hip-hop in its purest form
On behalf of Heaven Studios, and Works of Mart
We comin (comin, comin)

[Royce Da 5'9"] + (DJ Premier)
1966, March 21st (woo!)
And July 17th, '61 marks the birth (woo!)
The birth of two phenoms, I'm talkin 'bout Chris Edward Martin and Keith Edward Elam (OK)
This is for the real Gang Starr fans, not the ones who call us P-Rhyme (word)
One come from Massachusetts, the other from Texas
Had a dream to become the next shit, filled up his whole truck trunk with records
And moved to New York, that's where Premier the god linked with Guru the lord
If ever duplicated Hell froze and there was a blue moon before it (preach)
And that shit birthed Group Home
Freddie Foxxx, inspired shit like JAY-Z, Nas, Big, I'm just +Comin Clean+ like the Jeru song (woo!)
"Yo! MTV Raps", Rakim in the back, Fab 5 Freddy in the hat
interviewing Chubb Rock, 'Pac in the cut with his boots from "Juice" on (R.I.P.!)
'Pac still killin to this day, still the one they tryna be (yup)
Y'all know I'm from Detroit, I'm +Diggin' in the Crates+, now I'm from the +Diamond D+
I ain't with the +Showbiz+, I'm just +A G+ tryna sign me a +Fat Joe+ deal and go and ball
And every bitch I got O-T is on call
(What's that?) That's +O.C.+, bitch I confess that I +Finesse+
I smile at death like Malcolm X, I'm solid, yes
In '99, I told myself if I could figure out how to bottle that, I'd be out of debt
Y'all niggaz is, novices - y'all can just move inside (woo!)
I got that car pedestrian confidence, yessir (yessir) I got that Uber drive
Y'all wanna know who the best is, look around at who alive and who done died
(Then what?) Then look at me, Kendrick Lamar and Pusha T
Em and the Slaughter, y'all don't have to look any farther for the rhymers (damn!)
Y'all are the past, at the present time I'm the +Future+
Cause all my competition tryin to be +Desiigners+, I'm just tired
of bein underrated, by these lazy bloggers, they just tired of re-rewindin
Y'all tired of me sayin I'm the greatest? (Y'all tired yet?) Fuck y'all! I'm tired of re-remindin
I survived Vietnam and my city laid me a grave
Preem laced me "Boom boom god-DAMN" with Lady of Rage (classic)
Since then I've been on my Jamie in "Ray", nobody seein me
She douche, I give her dick she'll never forget, that's +D and D+
Preem cut me
{"I'll be back, but for now just"}
Come on back with me, this black history
Premier's on the wheels, yeah we makin black history
{"I'll be back, but for now just"}
Come on back with me
This textbook Big L and Pun, on the real to real, that black history

[Royce - singing]
I made up my mind (mind!)
Went to sleep dead (dead!)
That's in the past
I'm gon' wake up alive-liiiiiive-liiiiiive-liiive
We takin over this shit this year!

[Outro: Royce Da 5'9"]
Preem cut me
{"I'll be back, but for now just"}
Come on back with me, this black history {*echoes*}