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Artist: PRhyme f/ Dwele
Album:  PRhyme
Song:   You Should Know
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[Intro: DJ Premier scratches]
"Rock rock rock on, rock rock rock on"
"I'm going to tell you the TRUTH whether you like it or not!"
"Can I prove it?"
"Ohhh, no more days like those!"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Allow me to put some sense on you coons
Too much success, um, here comes your doom
They told you niggaz the sky's the limit
Then they turn around and tell you that it's footprints on the moon
You rise to fame and die so they can say that you barely won
And they keep your masters
Your kids become bastards havin to ask executives for they daddy records
Soundin like blind Mellow Jelly's son
Look in my eyes, you can tell I'm violent
I might go, divin inside a fine female on the Maldives Island
I vowed to never fail my phonics until I'm real iconic
And you can throw me in a cell, I got it (I got it)
I go to jail 'bout eight, go "oh well"
then post bail 'bout nine-ish (umm)
I treat that bitch like it's a hotel, check in it then check out it
Then tell my niggaz let the rest doubt it
These rap niggaz bugged out like divas
They drugged out thugged out receivers
I meet 'em at they stash place, heat 'em then tell 'em they better drag race
the fuck away from me or get they mug shot like Bieber
I catch him at the bus stop
While he readin this fo'-five'll give him the same holler Lux got
I represent the must-haves and what-nots
Niggaz that used to cut class to touch cash and buck shots

[Chorus: Dwele] {w/ DJ Premier scratching}
You should knowwwww
{"But you don't really want nuttin"}
You should knowwwww
{"Talk a bunch of shit, motherfucker stop frontin"}
You should knowwwww
{"So what you sayin yo?"} {"Keep playin, y'all niggaz'll burn"}
You should knowwwww
{"Fuck the whole world!"}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Freedom or jail, clips inserted
A baby's bein born same time a man is murdered
The beginning and end, you on a block playin killer with your knife
Without a gun you a option, be cut out for the game
or they gon' play rock-paper-scissors with your life
I'm usually more spiritual at night
Cause murder's in the air, more like a pimpin Nike, whippin white
The white American kryptonite, livin the scripted life
A different chick, a different type
Whoever fixin chicken rice I'll spend the night, in the morning go home to my wife
before she try and sell my shit, 99% sure that she gon' try and smell my dick
Thirsty niggaz is prayin the hell I slip
The baddest bitches, the last bitches you would've ever imagined
would've had chlamydia gettin dragged to cities
City after city
Niggaz payin cash is for the love of ass and titties (ayy!)

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Royce Da 5'9"]
(Pick it up) I don't know why y'all so highly regarded
You rhyme like you're borderline mildly retarded
I'll show you what my father done started
I rhyme on a god level, the godliest artist
Y'all follow artists who target they audience
But not me, I target the artist, follow the target, holdin a strap
Pointin it at sinners, and that's when I tell 'em like Kobe to Shaq
You lazy and I'm tired of your joggin, shoot at they feet 'til the dance start
I'm goin HAM in the +Slaughterhouse+, fuck you and your damn charts
And your crowd participation
I'm puttin a land mine under your stage, had his place rainin fan parts
And called that shit crowd precipitation
I'm +Mo-Preme+ than my own DJ and Pac's brother
I came out of my momma womb with a box cutter
Lyrical spittin image that mirrors the birth of Slim
None of these rappers could work with me, I work with them


[Outro: Royce Da 5'9"]
On the vocals, you have, Detroit's own Dwele
Providin the instruments, we have, the incomparable Adrian Younge
And on the wheels of STEEL, DJ Premier, yeah

{*DJ Premier scratches*}
"I'll say it and I'll say it again..."
"I'm not the kind of person who come here and say what you like~!"
"Rock rock rock on, rock rock rock on"
"I'm going to tell you the TRUTH whether you like it or not!"
"Can I prove it?"
"Ohhh, no more days like those!"

[Dwele] You should knowwwww