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Artist: PRhyme f/ Common
Album:  PRhyme
Song:   Wishin'
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[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm sendin my killers to the store for Patrón and danish
My nigga, my nigga, I would go get it myself but I'm famous
And I ain't never, changin, I'm never, done payin
my dues, my mindframe is "I'm forever makin my payments"
I walk by a so-called tough guy, watch him tuck his chain in
No snatchin though, watch what you put my fuckin name in
Kinda like an armless actor playin an action role
I'm out on the West +coppin+ like Axel Fo-ley, ask the po-lice
But at least I'm active though
I bought my bitch an ass and wrote it off on my taxes, listed it as an independent backin like Macklemore
Half of my clique is bastards
The other half of my clique don't know half of the kids they have, it's
savage, that's average though, like 30 K a year, spent on yeast
In order to walk in the streets
in my shoes you're gon' need Flintstone feet, and room for baggage
And room in your Nikes so they can hypothetically tag your toe...
Motherfuckers can't rhyme no more, 'bout rhyme no more, cause I'm so raw
Will I win? Ain't an if, it's a when
Kinda like askin "What time is karma gon' find Solar"
I'm so tomorrow in hindsight
If you an artist, death's near, the fans know
What you draw falls on deaf ears like Van Gogh
I chose, rap glory over the stratosphere
No plaques, or trophies, I already have 'em here
(Let's go Preem!) I'm just tryin to leave my mark
but I've got the same backstory as a tatted tear
The kind of frame I prefer to see the world through
Don't ask me nothin 'bout Budden, I suppose I propose to all my girls too
I'm in the Forbes in a pearl suit
Bitches know the score like Sheryl Swoopes
You know they say that you dyin if you ain't livin good
I'm dumpin a hitman's salary worth of quarters
down the world's largest wishin well, wishin a nigga would
(Wishin a nigga would)

"Ladies and gentlemen"
"I think my record speaks for itself"

Arrival of survival, idle movement and chatter
We were steppin in the Chi', before we knew the ladder
Climb up 'til your time's up, a daily reminder
My +Daily Operation+ is to spark the population
Salutation to the nation of the Nubians and hooligans
that knew me when, we was boxin niggaz up in Julian
The bond that I have, with the Quran and the math
Supreme talk, I'm walkin a king's walk
Watch it vibrate, while I take the wings off
Straight out of Chi-Town where they get that lean off
Fiends cough for serum, hitters rally rally like it's Durham
You in Illinois, we don't know what can cure 'em
I'm sicker than most of them, from the 'Go so the flow don't end
Come get it +Bay+ like you from Oakland
I'm in the building and, this my grand openin, I'm posterin
Them niggaz that were supposed to been, doper than more pussy than Fallopian

"These are the sounds of days that are passed"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Kick in the door wavin the 4-4
K's in the floorboards, stays in the Waldorf
I will board a jet cheap, fly the way you for sure to get deep
to show your crew my +Immortal Technique+
I'll elaborate - sixteen pistols and extendos
hidden inside of three or four twelve hundred crates (c'mon!)
If we at war, I'll exaggerate
Sweep up the streets 'til the clip clean
Shoot you while we watch the tables turn like a "DWYCK" scene
Street sweeper, knock his head clean off his body
Then keep sweepin long enough to clean off his body
Wean off the bottle then, fly a nigga queen out to Cabo then
have her feedin me papayas and grapes, I'm an acquired taste
If you don't like me acquire some taste
And all I talk about is murderin - all you do is test pros
I'll shoot you while you protest, shout to all my brothers and my sisters out in Ferguson
The police want us shot
And you gon' be the next to drop in front of that donut shop

"We record a new dimension of history"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I kick my habits of Visvims sneakers and developed into the, new now
Went Animal Planet, I got me a plaque and a Grammy while I'm goin zoo now
Me still bein relevant, then became the elephant, in the room now
(Is he gon' ever fall off?) No
I walk by a so-called tough guy, watch him pass me nervous, after I passed him
He gon' get with the street life or, he gon' turn the other cheek like, a half done
ass job, sittin right in front of a plastic surgeon
Then I jump in the black Suburban
Snatch the curtain, wrappin your R&B act in it, after I squeeze
21, entries, and it ain't no need to ask for ID's
I'm certain - that if you offend me then it shall get windy
And that's right before that Mac-10 is workin
Click, and it ain't no iro-
-ny in the fact that, I am givin you fire
And that +Fire+ comes after the +Earth Wind+, whoo
Preem in his +PRhyme+, I'm in my +PRhyme+

"You know it can never be imitated"

[Outro: Common]
Shout outs to Royce, Premo
It's Com' Sense, Big Illinois