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Artist: PRhyme f/ Jay Electronica
Album:  PRhyme
Song:   To Me, To You
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[Intro: Royce Da 5'9"]
Niggaz be askin me like, "Man you took all that time off
I understand you had to get your mind right or whatever you was doin but
I'm just curious to know, like, how you
how you gonna approach, the next shit?"
Say it's the same way I always do, not givin a fuck~!

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Million dollar maker, not a faker
Try to call me over-the-hill it's probably because you saw me chillin beside a pile of paper
Life's a Picasso paintin - psyche, my life's more like an obstacle, ain't it?
Like, it's somethin in front of the drop
and I gotta ride around it on my way to make me another child support payment
From humble beginnings, though we live lavishly now
And what we couldn't afford to get, we would have it somehow
Stayin at grandma's
Huddled in front of the open oven rubbin our hands together
like, Baby with cameras around, manic depressed
Drawn to my tool, genetically predisposed to be a mechanic or less
I handle my failures way better than I ever handled success
And I let you boys be the loudest
Holdin my fo'-fo', from '94 on my retro kick, before I let you let go clips
I'll let Michael Jordan be my stylist
I'll rock one of them baggy ass Tracy McGrady suits
I've been poppin since I was 5, that was in '82
Believe that, a nigga been knockin more lady's boots
than Kanye critiquin at Steve Madden, I'm just a LOX fan with childish thinkin
The last time I got pulled over for drunk drivin
I took the breathalyzer out the cop's hand and I tried to drink it
That's what I do for my community
Your boo told me what she wanna do to me
before she dropped on two knees and then, blew me like an opportunity
Real niggaz

[Chorus 2X: Royce Da 5'9"]
{"To me it's what I see"}
{"To you it's what you do"} PRhyme!
Ha ha ha ha, if I could make niggaz as real as me
Ha ha ha ha, I'd ask, "How come niggaz ain't real as me?"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Multiply, multiply
That's what the real niggaz do
Multiply, multiplyyyyy
That's on a real nigga

Yeah, your favorite rapper's up in LIV
While I'm on a controlled substances
Search around my crib for a fuck to give, but I couldn't find it
My notebook should be made of a wooden binder
Cause that's what my albums be sellin
But I don't give a fuck about nothin but good vagina, long as these niggaz call me GOAT
If I don't get through to you the call failed
Cause I was probably on that "Wolf of Wall Street" boat, I'm a hard sell/sail
Maybe too lyrical for 'em
The Lord gave me a choice to either be king, or give all Hell
I chose the latter/ladder like a fireman climbin up to a charred rail
In front of Miley steerin a giant +Wreckin Ball+
Miss me with your mollies and your Tyrese wisdom, I don't connect with y'all
and these antics - today you give your life to the game
Tomorrow you'll be posin in pictures lookin like Steve Francis
You ain't turnin up, you're bein backhanded like Pete Sampras
About that!
I missed my uncle's funeral to go to South by Southwest
You ain't gotta appreciate it, but you better respect
the fact that I'm a rapper and nothin wack done came out my mouth yet
You're welcome


[Jay Electronica]
Me and Pharoah is like Dorothy and Toto down the brick road, crossin at the criss-roads
In the valleys and the alleys where the gods switch to bitch mode
I came through, the Harley pipe was loud like a lion
The title on the marquee said "Child out of Zion"
Contemplatin on another plane, hoverin down lover's lane
Won the great debate against the state about the mother plane
He called me by that other name, I called him by his other name
Then lightning struck the internet like a screen door in a hurricane
Jay Electricity, baptized near Felicity
Where he been for the past three years? It's just a mystery
If it ain't come from one of my peers, it ain't a diss to me
I'm a thousand leagues under the sea, niggaz can't get to me
The F in my middle name with the period stands for "Victory"
I came from the bottoms of Hell with jezebels
sniffin blow with her friends in the dens of iniquity
When I was young I was confused, I thought God was a mystery
But, everything I knew since the time I begin to grew
was taught to me by the wickedest men, who twist the histories
Who pulled out the cuffs of deception and hitched their wrist to we
Now all praises due to Allah, we see it crystally
The Pyramids were there to bear witness to the gods
So when the angels heard me spit they bit they lip, this shit is hard
Utterly unstoppable, in high school I was voted most popular
by the unpopular, phantom of the chakras